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Berms are too high, now what?

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by Zephrant, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Zephrant

    Zephrant Member
    Messages: 37

    Last year and this year, the berms on the sides of my road have gotten too tall to throw the snow over. I've got a Snowbear that has otherwise performed well for 5+ years.

    Today we got another 9" of heavy wet snow- It balls up and rolls, and won't go over the existing berms. I managed to put a dent in the side of the Wagoneer on one side, and a long scratch on the other as the snow rolled over the end of the blade, and fell back against the Jeep as I went by.

    Each time I plow I've gone as wide as I can, but as the road is on a hill I can mostly only plow to the down-hill side.

    I'm about to try to find a tractor/blower combo (impossible this time of year, but I'll look anyway), and give up on the blade. My road is about 1/4 mi, and 100' of vertical.

    Any other suggestions?
  2. JDiepstra

    JDiepstra PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,780

    Faster.... Faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. In2toys

    In2toys Senior Member
    Messages: 319

    rent a skidsteer for a day & push it all in the ditch.. Or use the Blade to push it over the edge. Alot of forward & reverse but it may buy you some time.
  4. In2toys

    In2toys Senior Member
    Messages: 319

  5. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo Member
    from WI
    Messages: 41

    Around here when the berm on the sides get soft they come and plow them back, I do the same thing, just lift the plow up and go in at the berm, it works if you have the space to do it.
  6. Zephrant

    Zephrant Member
    Messages: 37

    OK- I've not driven a skidsteer before, so am pretty leery of learning how to drive it on a snow covered hillside...

    The road is too tight for me to push them back much with the Jeep- I tried two days ago, and bent the blade back on one side a few degrees when I could not get a full straight bite.

    Maybe it is best to hire someone to buy me some time. I'm a little concerned about finding someone willing to come out too- heavier than normal show around here this year already.
  7. HALH VT

    HALH VT Senior Member
    from Vermont
    Messages: 128

    See if you can hire someone with a wing on a one-ton or loader. Two or three passes each way, and you will be good for a few more storms. Just make sure they leave at least a six inch shelf, or the next time you plow the snow may not be the only thing that ends up off the road.
  8. 04sd

    04sd Senior Member
    from pa
    Messages: 266

    Maybe a long shot but I'd probably try it if it was me. Take about a 12' long 2x12 and bolt it to the face of your blade leaving it stick out the one side. Start with the blade raised and try to knock back the top of the berms a little at a time working your way down. This way you keep the jeep on the road.
    Me, if/when I get to that point I have a 4' blower on a large JD garden tractor to blow the snow over the top :)
  9. Zephrant

    Zephrant Member
    Messages: 37

    I've got a call in to my local excavator, but with these storms I don't know if he will take the time to do my piddly road. So far, 24hrs and no return call.

    Good idea on the 2x12- I'm concerned that my mount might get bent out of shape if I go around pushing snow 6' off center with it though... It got warm, then cold again so lots of ice in there now.
  10. nekos

    nekos Senior Member
    Messages: 586

    lol thats how i would do it !

    if you want to take the less fun approach ... keep the blade straight , raise the blade 1 - 2 feet off the ground and push the top of the windrow back. you should be able to throw the snow over the windrow after that.

    you plow needs to be wider then your truck to do this.
  11. tawilson

    tawilson Senior Member
    Messages: 225

    Sounds like a tractor is in order. Blowing snow in the winter and working on the road in the summer.
  12. TerrForms

    TerrForms Member
    Messages: 80

    Don't even try it with a snowbear!

    Call a contractor with a bulldozer or large front loader. You will kill that plow. We keep a local contractor on call just in case of something like that!
  13. JCStrasser

    JCStrasser Member
    Messages: 41

    Don't know anyone with a front end loader? Had the banks closing in on me a week ago (I plow with a rear grading blade on my 4WD New Holland) then spent 4+ hours using the FEL pushing the banks back.

    Having the snow banks become too high are the biggest problem for plows that aren't full size.

    Good luck.

  14. WingPlow

    WingPlow Senior Member
    Messages: 634

    although i,m sure it works well for you, i would say if you just found somebody with a fullsize truck/plow, they could move back your windrows enough for you, without the expense of loaders or as someone said....a bulldozer
  15. Zephrant

    Zephrant Member
    Messages: 37

    I'll have to call around- no reply from my normal guy, who certainly has the equipment to do this for me.

    For future use, I've given up and ordered a lawn-tractor/blower combo, which should come in next week. Just too tired of racing the Jeep down the hill, trying to go fast enough to throw but not so fast I ditch/roll the whole thing.

    Thanks for the suggestions-
  16. DEWFPO

    DEWFPO Junior Member
    Messages: 17

    Around here I can only typically use the snowblade early in the season since I am limited on places to store the snow. Then the snowblower comes out. Nice clean cuts and there's never any problem with room. In my case I am lucky enough to have a Bobcat Toolcat and can swap out the attachments in about 1-2 minutes if I need to.

  17. Zephrant

    Zephrant Member
    Messages: 37

    Another day, another two hours pushing snow 1000' down the drive way in to the cul-de-sac.

    I take delivery on a used JD 2210 Thursday night though- I'm excited to spend many hours pushing back the snow berms....

    I've not bought chains yet, but I suspect I'll have to get them soon. I sure needed them tonight in the Jeep. Slush over ice on the road, it's melting off fast here tonight.
  18. 04sd

    04sd Senior Member
    from pa
    Messages: 266

    2210. That's a step up from a craftsman tractor! Loader or blade?
  19. brimfield

    brimfield Member
    Messages: 68

    I've got a 1/4 mile driveway too and not alot of area to put it. I use a 13hp 48" snow blower to clean up the banks and toss it into the woods when it piles up alot.
  20. Zephrant

    Zephrant Member
    Messages: 37

    Yeah, a bit of a step up. :) Took me a few weeks to decide what I really needed. I had actually bought a JD X300R with blower ($6200) but had not taken delivery. The sales guy was very concerned that the little guy would not have the traction to blow up/down my driveway. So I ponied up the extra few thousand to get an almost real tractor. Just a loader for now- I'll look for a used blade for later purchase.

    I thought long and hard about a blower to just clean up the banks, and while I'm sure it would work for me too my blade/Jeep combination was getting worn out. I would at least need some welding work on it to repair damage, and overall I think the blade is just wearing out and will need replacement soon.

    For some reason my wife did not want me walking a blower up/down the driveway either- not sure why, but since she backed the tractor instead I wasn't going to dig in to that issue too much. :)