Bent A frame anyone ?

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I just bent my second a frame this season, I got a new 7'6" standard western. This never happened before with my old western. Didn't hit anything hard mabey just went to far over a curb (not fast though). I was wondering if the new (unimount)frames a not as beefy as the old standard ones.Anyone try to fix this yourself I'm not in a mood to spend another 230 bucks.
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My advice, not the best advice to give. Also I am not responisble for anything that happens to your truck or you, after reading my advice.

1. Buy a new A Frame

2. Take your first A- Frame to a Metal shop, bring the new A Frame with you. Tell them you want the bent A Frame to measure the same as the new one.

3. Then have them straighten the bent A frame, I would straighten both. Also have the metal shop beef up the A Frame, it sounds like you are hard on A Frames, so beef on up a little.

4. If you are good at Fab work, do all the work yourself.

5. Return New A-Frame to dealer.

This was you have two a frames fixed at a cost less then buying new ones.


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I know Fisher and Western are both owned by Douglas but Ill relay what I was told by my Fisher dealer:

The A frame on the Fisher minit mount, unlike other brands, is the designed weak link in the system. Instead of breaking pins or bolts or frame mounts the Fisher will bend and sacrifice the A frame when you hit something too hard.

If it were mine I wouldnt modify the A frame, the cost of replacing it is probably less than what would break if it were beefed up. Only as strong as the weakest link, the cliche' that comes to mind.

Marker stakes are cheaper than plow repairs (Lawnguy axiom #235(a).)


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I love my OLD Fisher! this thing is the old hydraulic system, and it works great. When my truck got stuck the other night( my fault not the plow) my brother in law came up with his truck to pull me out. well that didn't work, so I called a wrecker. while waiting for the towguy, I hopped into my brother in laws truck with him and did two other drives in that same area.

He has a Meyer electo lift. That plow is so unresponsive its criminal. The toggle switch worked sometimes, other times it didn't. You literally had to hold the plug in connector on to the toggle switch connector while operating the toggle switch.

And this was a new toggle and plug. Even my brother in law said he was considering swicthing the plow over to an older Fisher.

I realize that everything has a designed in weak link, just seems to me that the newer plows are getting designed just a tad too weak in spots. Just so you know, this Fisher plow I own was bought new about 10 years ago by a friend of mine. He sold it to me and the cutting edge wasn't even worn into a decent attack angle. This plow is now on its fourth truck. And we have plowed a lot of places over the last ten years. The only thing that I have replaced in the cutting edge and the sno-foil.

Yes I have a snow foil, I love it. Wouldn't plow without it.
I find that it stacks fine, contrary to what others might say. I will have to replace the cutting edge again very soon. I have worn it down to a nub, but I should be able to finish this season with it. So In the spring I can blast the plow, paint it, and finally install a U edge.

This way I will be all set for next season! :D:


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I bent the A-frame on my uni mount 2 yrs ago.

Truck lower mount never budged at all.

It was either hit the car who cut me off braoadside or take the ditch.

Ditch won..

The dealer said they might be able to get me one in 10-14 days.Needless to say I couldn't wait.

Cost me $200 to have a friend of mine who has a welding shop make up a new one. Bought all the steel myself and he did the rest of it.

He did it in one day.


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