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Beer, Bikes, and Baseball...and Snow Training

Discussion in 'Snow & Ice Management Association - SIMA' started by SIMASTAFF, Sep 9, 2010.


    SIMASTAFF Sponsor
    from Midwest
    Messages: 51

    Hi all,
    Just wanted to let anyone interested know of an event we are putting on in Milwaukee, WI Sept. 19-21st. It is our annual Snow Strategies Forum event, this year its called the Snow Sales & Marketing Challenge 2010.

    The training will come from Judy Guido, a highly experienced marketing and sales professional with 20+ years of experience working with some strong landscape & snow companies across the country. Judy understands the challenges of snow and has been doing some extensive market research that she will present to attendees during the event.

    The event will take place at the Iron Horse Hotel, a really cool facility that is directly next to the Harley Davidson Museum. For more info on the hotel, go here (it is filling up fast, there are nearby hotels if you have trouble getting a room, but this hotel is awesome):


    We'll have a good group of snow contractors from across the country talking about the pressures on pricing, national companies, marketing/sales techniques, and more. If you want some serious networking and marketing/sales training specific to snow, please check this event out, we are very excited about it.

    We'll also be coordinating a baseball night, Monday the 20th at the Milwaukee Brewers Stadium...Brewers vs. Reds...you can purchase a ticket for that when you register, if you'd like to, or you can check out the city on your own.

    For info visit sima.org or register directly here:

    This training has been in development since November, and I'll be up front and say it isn't the cheapest training out there...but I am fully confident that if you decide to come, you will get more than your money's worth...enough that I would refund the registration if an attendee gave me an honest explanation of how they didn't get some great information out of it.

    Any questions, email me direct at Brian@sima.org!

    Brian K. Birch