been great


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northeastern WI.

just a word of thanks as it's been a pleasure talking
with everyone on this site this past season.
it's been a great season for me with only a dry spell
in january.
i have applied alot of things i picked up from you guys
to my small snow removal business.
i allready look forward to next season as i have a new truck to play with and will be buying a v plow this summer, also am looking to add ice control to my list.
slimjim i am interested in a spreader like yours and will be contacting you sometime in summer for your opinions.
tim, i still got that u edge for your plow if you happen to get interested.

stay cool guys and thanks for the winter fun!!

contacting you this summer

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Dan - I also found this site recently ("lurked" for a while starting back in the fall, then decided to become active mid-winter. Glad I did) and I'll second everything you've said.

Although it won't be as busy, the forum will still (I think) be active this summer. So we'll still be "talking", just not as much!

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
I agree with your post, and I too would like to thank everyone for all of their help. You can tell the season is winding down... not a whole lot of posting going on here.

I really want a urethane edge, how much ya want for it? As far as the spreader goes, I can not say enough about it. I think it is an awesome investment for someone serious about getting into this business, but doesn't want a v-box just yet. It'll spread anything you feed it, and won't even burp when it's done. I'm very happy with mine. I think next year, I'm going to take on more commercial, and less residential... that way I can put it to a little more use.

Thanks again guys for all your help, and I hope I was able to help some people in return.


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Dayton, Ohio USA
I have to echo everyone's sentiment on thanking the rest of the lawnsite readers and posters. The help and comeraderie that I've gotten from all here could not be measured in dollars and cents but in the mistakes I didn't make because I had everyone's "sense" to listen to.

Thanks (yes, I'll still be around)


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I don't post much, but in the 2 seasons I've been following I learned a tremedous amount. Judging from the amount of registered users and the number of regular posters there must be alot of people out there like me.
Thanks everybody for making this forum a great place to be. The humor and the occasional flareups make it more interesting and alot more fun too.


And lets not forget Chuck for starting this in the first place.
I agree (GREAT SITE)

My wife said it must be addicting cause I treat it like a soap opera....I have to get caught up everyday otherwise you dont know what is gonna happen on the next episode!



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northeastern WI.
ya thanks a bunch chuck, i'm like a giddy little school girl passing notes in school waiting for the next wise guy to respond.
tim if i may ask what did you have to pay for the spreader? was it new?
i will ship you my u edge and backing plate and the new stainless carrige bolts i had to buy for 195.00 plus shipping. the bolts are 25.00 alone.
however i'm open for an offer.
let me know.

Mike Williams

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It's not over till the big one shines

I've been reading this site for 9 months or so. The mistakes I've avoided and help has been invauleable. I had been looking for a plow close to a year prior to the first visit to this site. Many coments were here about the Boss V plow, none were good. Made me serch for a diffrent plow. Saw a Lobo on a PU in Mcall, Idaho. Serched the web for the manufactur. Looked at some in use commercially in Moscow,Idaho. Was sold, the guys in Moscow were happy a anyone could be. Also saw one of there old Boss V plows. Not what I want to spend my hard earned dollor on. No comparison!
Thanks for the info. Saved me thousands and I could not be Happyer with my Lobo. Only problem I have had is the jack stand droped the other day when I hit a serious hole. Jack stand was bent a little (over 9,000 lbs it should have) Fixed on site and went back to work.
If anyone is looking at a new plow do NOT over look the Lobo By Sno-Way!
Mike Williams

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