beefing up a 700r4


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hello,i plan on taking my 700r4 transmission into the transmission shop.
my question is what can i have done to make this tranny bullet proof? i also want it to shift very firm.also whats a good torque converter to use?
my truck is a `86 305 4by4 half ton.i use it for work and trips to the lumber yard. it has 33' tires
i plan on swaping the engine next year for a 350 so i want a good tranny and converter set up.
i know nothing about transmissions so i need some advice,thanks in advance,jeff


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Check out They have lots of good info as to what can be done with these transmissions. As far as longevity (sp?) goes, the two most important things, are that it is adjusted correctly (tv cable) and MAINTENANCE!!! Change the fluid (all 12 quarts, not just the pan) 2 times a year if you use it hard. I was not good at this and am in the process of putting #3 in right now..........



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Check out They have got all the info you could ever want on the 700r4.

From their sample page:
There is no need for a shift kit in this unit, because you can get better results by installing a larger servo or even a high performance servo. We charge $95.00 parts & labor for this H. P. servo. You can also install extra 3-4 clutches and a larger pressure valve at a small charge when rebuilding the unit. If your transmission shifts at too low a R.P.M. at wide open throttle this can be raised by installing lighter governor springs. As a general rule the 1-2 shift should happen at 40 to 45 M.P.H. when the throttle is to the floor. (You need the information in the advisory tip sheet, because a stock 700R4 should never cost over $820.00 installed in a 2-wheel-drive car or truck. We’ve seen people pay $1800.00 for a stock 700R4.)

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