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Beefed up alternator?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by hot_raud, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. hot_raud

    hot_raud Member
    Messages: 39

    Do I need to install a better alternator?

    I bought a meyer 7.5 from a guy who had it mounted on an 89 F150. He said that the 65 amp alternator wasn't good enough and that is a common problem with the 1/2 ton Ford. I plan on mounting the plow on an 88 F150. My inclination is that the guy is full of crap or that he had the wiring wrong.

  2. fiftycav

    fiftycav Junior Member
    Messages: 14

    Hey Guy,

    I was running a 90 amp alt on my gmc 99 yukon with a meyers 7.5 on it. That seemed like it was enough but I lost the alt this summer (70k miles) Once it went I upgradeed to the largest alt that could fit in the spot, in my case it was a 105 amp. Now my lamps dont dim at all while runnig my plow. Its better. I think no matter what way you look at it, the heavier amp alt you have the better off you are. But what the hell do i know. plow safe bro.
  3. apkole

    apkole Member
    Messages: 75

    We like to see at least 90 amp alternators on all of our equipment. Our Dodge Cummins diesels have 120 amp. Very important - - - check the output at idle as well as at speed. Best advice is to keep all connections clean and tight. Can't say enough about the grounds at the engine block and chassis. Dielectric grease is your best friend - - - all connections.

  4. hyperpack

    hyperpack Senior Member
    Messages: 108

    Big power

    This is my reply to a recent post in the Ford truck forum, I used to run a plow on a 60 amp Alt. with no problems but that was before fuel injection, I think anything near 100 amps would do fine. I think the Ford 3G is a good unit it works well on my partners truck and is a good fit.
    Last year I needed help plowing, Got my buddy with a Ford 1990 V8 only went a couple hours at night new battery ran down.
    It had a 65 amp on it the parts store said the stock one was 60 amp and the 65 amp was the high output,I thought it was funny.
    I went to a rebuilder and found a ford 3G 130amp that had same type mounting just a little larger overall size. Ebay is a great place to find a good price on Alts.
    It took about 3 hours to trim a little clearance in the mounting bracket to allow for the larger diameter case, It fit right on belts lined up good.I had to get a different belt and change some wire terminals to fit the new regulator plug. Also be sure to put on a new wire from the output terminal to the battery terminal to handle the high amperage.
    We plowed with that truck for the rest of the season added Aux. lights and plowed the short lots really worked it hard never had anymore trouble.
    For continuous use the dual batteries will not help if the alternator cannot keep up.
    I plow all night with a 120 amp on my truck 1 battery never a problem, More batteries & more wires =more money & more trouble.