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Be careful what you wish for!!!


I have been down in the dumps lately over not making any money or getting any work in the snow plowing biz. Wondering how I was going to pay the bills and what not, well as i'm typing this, I just finished plowing for my town for the last 17 hours straight!:eek: and could have stayed on for more. I certainly learned a lot during this event like all the things that go wrong or things you forget to bring etc. Now, after about 10 cups of coffee, 3 packs of cigarettes and the tantilizing sound and feel of bouncing around in a big Ford dump truck hitting raised manholes and other hidden objects, i'm going to be careful in the future on wishing a big storm to hit so I can make money ;) my hats off to those of you who have been doing this your whole lives :drinkup:


2000 Club Member
I think that it is all what your used to.I was brought up on in trucks and equipment so it does not bother me as it would some one who does it once and awhile.But even the pros get tiered after putting in 24-36 hours stright.


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Albany NY
I know the feeling, we've had almost 4' in the last ten days. We just got done moving snow from one storm and now we're back in a hole again, I'm gogint o need a new place to dump snow! It's been snowing for about 40 hours straight. Started around 2 am Friday and is still coming down lightly now....7:00 Pm Saturday. Every time we start to see pavement a heavier band moves in. It's sue going to be nice when the checks start coming in for all this work though. That's when you forget about all the times you got thrown around the cab, all the lost hours of sleep, the wierd things your brain thinks it's seeing in the snow after a while.

You have to love it or it's just not worth it.