Bbq Round Table Sessions

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I was wondering about having round table discussiopns at the BBQ.The BBQ is very casual which gives people the ability to just walk around and look at equipment and talk to fellow contractors about snow or any other topic.I have recieved alot of interest about having tables where various topics concerning our industry would be good.The 1st interest came from SNOW who i havent seen post lately here although i know he will attend the BBQ.What i would like to do is ask you guys to list what topics you would like to here about.For example Ati icing,Deicing,sanders,plows,contracts,insurance,etc.This has always been a great thing at SIMA conventions and we could only accomadate this if it does not rain as we have plenty of room outside.We would have 5 tables and give each table a topic for an hour and then switch to 5 new topics with a schedule posted somewhere so you could go to the topic which interests you.If any of you could put your ideas for topics on this thread we will try to do them.We would also like facilitaters who would be at the table to break the ice sort of speak.
So any volunteers and ideas please put them here.
John Parker

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I'm still here john, I only go online at night as i've been working after school 3-7pm and have homework to do after that. Kinda off the topic of round table discussions, but i think we should have name tags for people, mayb their plowsite name and their real name of the little sticky name tags, it will be easier to talk to someone if people see their name. Maybe some of the vendors their with more than one person , could send a person to a the plow or spreader round tables and people could ask them questions, troubleshoot,etc. Just an idea.


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