Base Angle Trip Spring

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    Has any one got a video on how to change a spring on my 9' straight Fisher Plow safely, or can some one tell me how to do so safely as I know they pack a lot of force and what little smarts I have I would like to keep them. Truck is a 2003 GMC 3500 Dump with a Fisher 9' MM2 plow. thanks
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    Fisher sells a spring tool for about $25 bucks, so you have to decide if the safety is worth $25, if you decide it is do not use an impact gun with the tool as it will strip the threads use a hand tool only.
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    I use a lonq awl and a block of wood I cant believe that anyone would waste money on a tool. There is really no presure there until it trips. Ive done 7.6 8ft 9ft and extreme v plows all easy as pie Ive even used a long screwdriver.
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    Ok i am lost

    can i just take them off and put them back on with no tool ? I want to sandblast and paint :mechanic:
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    U dont need a tool, guys on here like to make a big out of things that are not.
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    Ok cool

    So just take off bottom bolt and pull out ? And put back in when done paint with new bolt and nut?
    thanks for your info man i thought they had tension on them all the time
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    They should be in there just snug. Actually sometimes they will feel loose when the plow is sitting. Its getting them back in that can be a struggle. However they only need to be compressed a 1/2" or so. If you have the tool its easy, if not or on older plows a good bar/pipe clamp on the bottom of the assmebly up to the top of the upper spring rest, will allow enough to get the bolt in.