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Well we are moving right along with this annual get together in Poughkeepsie,N.Y. on the 30th of September from 9am to 5pm.This is a very CASUAL affair with hotdogs,soda and about 12 vendors so far,but hopefully it can grow into a bigger and more successful event.What we need is a head count as we are expecting about 300 to 500 people so far.If you plan on attending please let us know by e-mailing us or just responding to this thread and we can fax directions and other important info to you.
thanks,John Parker 914-485-4200
NY Get together


Thanks for calling tonight. I'll make sure that someway you will have enough samples and catalogs for the cookout. I wish I could be there, but duty calls.

I'll fax the contract tomorrow to you and just sign it and fax it back. I will also put a hard copy in the mail and sign one and send it back to us.

this event will cement the relationships with all of us who take the time to ask questions and care about our business which is like I said to you tonight is turning into a real industry.

Good thinking and hope that everyone enjoys themselves and put faces on emailers......



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Hey guys, this sounds like a great event, but many of us in the Midwest won't be able to make it due to travel distance. Any chance we could get something like this going in the Midwest in the future?

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It sounds good to me. I'm in the Chicago area and NY would be a drive for me too. Maybe we can have a get together for all Lawnsite members in the Midwest.


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Let's get a Midwest event going then. I'd be happy to lend whatever time I have to helping. What about a meeting place? Seems like an outlying suburb of Chicago would be good. Maybe if the other Midwest members interested in attending could let us know where they're from we could settle on a city/town. I'm in Des Moines an could easily arrange space (small or large) for the get together. Let me know what you think.



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I got an idea,this new york bbq seems to be going great, and thats just one tiny part of the us, and one tiny part of the lawnsite how about this.we have a few bbq's. One in ny for the upper east coast members. one in lets say mid east coast for those members. and one in like florida for the southern east coast members. then like on in california for the west coast, and one in like south dakato for the mid north people, and one in chicago for the mid south people. sorry i stink at geography lol! but see what im saying, then the most anyone would have to travel would be 3 hours if i did it right. the new york bbq is atlease 4.5 hours away from me. thanks a lot

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I don't think there are too many snow plowers in Florida! ;)
PS I know you mean a general Lawnsite BBQ. Its a good idea.


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This is Jim from TURF magazine. These get-togethers have a lot of potential! Great idea! Here's an idea that might help: If any of you folks start planning this -- or any other type of event, please contact me so we can publicize it in TURF. Remember, we have 65,000 readers all over the country. Some free publicity might help if you want to attract more people to the event and to

Just send me an e-mail at, or -- in a pinch, give me a call at 800-422-7147. As you know, I think is terrific ... and I want to help in any way possible.

By the way, for those of you who have been involved in the equipment evaluation conversations, TURF has come a long way in developing this project for the magazine. A number of lawnsite members have volunteered to test equipment. You'll see this stuff in the magazine soon.

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