ive got a 75 f250 with a huge steering problem one minute your in the ditch next in the other lane the upper and lower balljoints are considerable loose. how do they come out do they have to be pressed or is there just a clip. id like to know before the whole front end is apart in my garage.thanks
I'm pretty sure you're '75 F-250 has closed knuckles. I'm not totally sure how ball joints are installed in this type of knuckle, but I suspect that its decdently similar to the open knuckle style. If so, you need a ball joint press. Its a nifty gizmo that has a set of cups and spacers to press the ball joints out of the kunckle. I think that the lower ball joint has a snap ring on it. I know that around here the auto parts stores will "loan" you a ball joint press. Just give them a hundred dollars or so and they give it back when you bring the press back. Once you see the tool, it'll be pretty easy to figure out how to use it.



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Ball joints--lots of fun

I just did the ball joints on my 89 F250....Not sure what the 75 would be like though....

You can also order a ball joint press from
....I paid around $60 including the shipping...although I didn't get to use it...took to long to get here in Wisconsin....

I took the spindles to my Ford dealer and the new ball joints and had them press the old ones out and press the new ones in...cost like $52.00.

It's much easier putting together than it is taking apart...a torch is a definite must...without it I'd still be working on it and cussing up a storm....

I ended up cutting the upper ball joint between the spindle and the axle housing, then taking a pickle fork and breaking the bottom joint loose. Then heated up the remaining part of the upper ball joint stud till it was red hot and pounded it out with a punch and hammer...I think the worst of it was getting the axleshaft sleeves off after I took the brake rotors out...8 nuts hold it on, then you gotta be real carefull where and how you hit it to take the sleeves off...I took a chisel and kept working it around there till they finally popped out...when you put it together, use lots of anti-sieze on the parts...make it a little easier if you have to tear it apart again...

Something to check also is the steering linkage...I've had two Fords so far that the inner tie rod was worn so badly where it bolts to the steering gear box....that will make 'em wander badly too....just grab it near the box and see how much play there is...

Sorry for the long post....


p.s. if you want a manual to use for reference, get a Haynes...Chilton didn't have anything in their books for doing ball joints....



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I have a 95 F250 and had to do ball joint s earlier this year. What was happening is that as I was driving along all of a sudden the truck would just start shaking violently. And then it would stop.. So I checked and sure enough the wheel would move back and forth.. So out it came.. I went to a parts store and had them press the joints out and in.. much easier and cheaper it cost me about $100. for the parts and the pressing.. works for me...... Tha was a good point about checking the steering linkage too...
Good luck with it , it's not too bad of a job..

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While you have the front end apart, you may want to replace the u-joints at the same time. Even if they are not bad. They are cheap to buy and it is the best time to do the job.

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