Ball joint replacement boots


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Does anybody know where I can get replacement boots for the upper & lower ball joints on a 1982 Chev. C-10 2x4, so I don`t have to actually remove them from the control arms, since there is at this time "no play" in the joints, & the only thing wrong with them is that the boots are cracked & won`t hold a standard load of grease.
(And wouldn`t you know it, I`ve got the one where the lower ball joint must be pressed out & in for replacement)

Way back when I had a 1972 Chev. C-10 2x4, I was able to actually get replacement boots, & from the GM Dealer, yet, but that was in the late `70`s, & GM wised up & no longer offers the boots,
just the ball joint assembly w/boot, which of course does wonders for their profit margin, but sucks the life out of my bank account.

Thanks for any helpful advice.

i have found them in the past time at a normal parts store and the other time at a hp parts store like summit racing i am sure one of the companies that makes polyurethane truck parts has them..........

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