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What are you guys paying for bagged products. For example Rock Salt, Calcium, and others? Do you normally get a better price by the pallet? Also how much do you bill your customers per bag of product? I know around here most clients get billed around $12.00 for salt and $20.00 for Calcium.

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I just picked up 30 10kg bags of rock salt for $1.50each:nod: It was on clearance, reg $3.50/bag. I would get more but I got no room. Great price for around hereThumbs Up
I usually get 20kg but whatever is cheaper. What you guys paying for bags this year? Untreated Rock salt I'm talking.

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I paid $8.50/bag for a 40kg (88lb) bag by the pallet from Home Depot. $9/bag individually from the same spot. Once they ran out I could get product for similar pricing but it was not as nice of a product. dirty, sticky rock salt. Not much different than straight bagged product whereas the other product (sifto) was clearly refined, consistenly sized white particles. Flowed very nicely.

$14/bag for 50lb mag of magnesium (enviromelt)

$10/bag 44lb bag for a product called jet blu which is NaCl coated with runway deicer. Not bad but doesn't work down to the lower temps the Mag can achieve.

We certainly pay a little more for product up here in these smaller markets compared to big city. I spend a lot of time sourcing suppliers. Shipping is the big product cost. Wholesale pricing at the source is obviously favorable but the source is never nearby for me.