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Bad Switch???

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by harley hauler, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. harley hauler

    harley hauler Senior Member
    Messages: 214

    Hey guys and gals, Need some help figuring out this switch issue I have. Here we go, I installed a whelen 90 watt hide-a-way kit last winter. When I went to install it I realized it didn't come with a switch, so I called the place where I bought it and the guy say's "you can just use any 12v toggle switch that will be fine", so that's what I did and it works but it seems when I'm out in the storm and have the heat on floor/def the strobes shut down not right away but in time. If I shut the heat off and blow the a/c to the floor they come back one. So do you guys think that I should go out and buy the switches for my kit from whelen, or is it the placement of where I mounted the switch?? All I know is they work fine now, now that I'm not using the heat in the cab. Any and all feed back would be great

  2. Bad Luck

    Bad Luck Senior Member
    Messages: 741

    How did you hook them up? Did you use a relay? Where is the switch powered from? Where is the power pack getting power from??
  3. SnowGuy73

    SnowGuy73 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 24,870

    Also, where is your power supply mounted, is the heater blowing on it? You don't want to have more than 15amps going to your switchs..
  4. Blackwin

    Blackwin Member
    Messages: 58

    I would think if the problem was the switch , then you would see heat damage etc. at the switch itself.

    The strobe packs themselves produce heat and having hot air blowing on them is probably causing them to heat to a point that a thermal overload device is causing them to shut off. :yow!:

    Checked the product sheet for a typlical whelen 90 wat power supply, showed 9 amp input draw.
  5. Frozen001

    Frozen001 Senior Member
    from Rome NY
    Messages: 908

    This is not a switch issue like Blackwin stated. The power pack is overheating causing it to shutdown. You have to move the power pack to a better location away from the heater air. Also this may be a sign something is wrong.. check with Whalen, they might be able to help you isolate the problem... could be something simple like a faulty wire.

    JRKRACE Senior Member
    Messages: 172

    I can bet it's the power pack also....But first, how is the pack wired? The main power leads should go directly to the battery( with a fuse at the battery, of course). The switch should be connected to the control wires on the pack, and these have very little draw. The packs have a regulated power supply which has to see a certain amount of current or voltage for it to work. Also.It helps if the pack is mounted on a metal surface to dissapate the heat..Just my .02
  7. harley hauler

    harley hauler Senior Member
    Messages: 214

    Everything is wired as spec'd by whelen the power supply is mounted under my ext.cab seat and the drivers side no heat registers in the back anyone have any other ideas??
  8. Bad Luck

    Bad Luck Senior Member
    Messages: 741

    It can be a number of things. I think if it was a problem with your switch, the thing would burn up and you would not be able to turn the lights back on again....unless you have a regulated switch of some kind. We had these in some of our wreckers and sometimes with all the lights on and the heat on the resistors would heat up and momentarily turn the lights off until they cooled down.

    My reccomendation would be to move the switch first. See what happens. If nothing then I would move the power pack. Also make sure your using a relay to power these things. Too much juice to the switch could do some serious damage.
  9. RYDER

    RYDER Senior Member
    Messages: 281

    It sounds like you need a bigger bat. or you need to add another bat to your truck.
  10. flykelley

    flykelley 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,127

    Did you run the ground wire to the main feed all the way back to the battery? If not you need to do this per Whelen Tech support.

    Regards Mike
  11. Blackwin

    Blackwin Member
    Messages: 58

    I still think it is a heat issue, not power or ground.

    The switch could have a thermal overload built into it also. Has to be a fairly good switch though to have one.

    Could be a problem with the power pack.

    Would be nice if you had a another power-pack available too swap and see if the problem continues.
    I would think that the power pack would have an operational temperature range that wouldn't be set off with a truck heater.
  12. bigjoe871

    bigjoe871 Senior Member
    Messages: 166


    I don't have whelen, but my Sho-Me pack was doing the same thing since new last year. I moved it to the rear of the cab as far back as possible and have not had trouble since.
  13. Frozen001

    Frozen001 Senior Member
    from Rome NY
    Messages: 908

    I would move to power pack to someplace else where there is more air flow. This sounds like a heat problem, and the only way to solve it is more air flow, or put a fan on the powerpack...