Bad Ground?.....

I got a problem, .. I bought an 81 HD 3/4 ton 4x4 so far the only thing wrong with it that Ive found is the temperature gauge starts to raise and fluctuates when the head lights are turned on and dash board accessories? Electrical is not my background. Any one have problems similar, any advice?

Alan Addict
We just went through the same thing with the the voltmeter on our 88 S-10, it was bouncing all over the place. The ground wire was loose where it hooks to the sheet meatl under the dash.


just another thought..... The route for the ground on the temp gauge is from the gauge to the sending unit (resistor). Any shorts in this wire along its path will cause the gauge to jump.
If you don't find your problem with the cluster, trace the wire to the sending unit and look for a frayed wire. It does sound like it is grounding into the light (dashlight) circuit.
good luck