Backhoe for snow question....

I am very close to buying a 1985 Allis Chalmers 715D backhoe (about same size as a Case 580 - 14,000lbs) . I was wondering:
1. how much are new rear tires about???
2. How well does a 2wd. backhoe work for stacking snow, etc. or any other snow-removal related work??

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Good tires (name brand) will probably run about $1,100.00 mounted and disposal of old tires, off brand tires might be about $200.00 cheaper. 2wd drive is OK but you will not get the drive power that you would from a 4x4 hoe. also they only recomend that you put a 10' pusher on a 2wd where as you can put a 14' pusher on a 4x4.


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I was gonna get some L2 loader tires 17.5X24 for about $400 mounted but if i needed other work done to the rim it was extrz and I don't know about tire disposal.

As Far as snow pileing i can put snow pretty high with my 580 and is a good all around machine.But if your plans are to just do snow work than I would recomend a loader.


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northern Wi.

I used a 2wd international years ago about same weight as your AC The hoe was real clumsey, I took it off and hung a big block of concrete on back it really handled good after that.I did use tire chains most of the time.It pushed a 10 foot blade and stacked well.I now have a 244E JD 4x4 loader #12000 it out works the old hoe but is much higher priced.


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i have a case 580 4x4 and a case 580E 2wd never had a problem stacking snow with 2wd,but once the piles have sat there for a few storms and they must be carted is tuff loading trucks with 2wd.alot of tire spin even with the diff locked,but i`ve stacked some nice tall piles using 2wd.the only time i use 4wd is when im pushing snow and the rears start slipping alot.almost to the point that your going slower than a snail and loading piles into trucks.leaning the hoe back a little helps out to,but steering is not very good skips along while turning. i`ve kept my tires until they were racing slicks.not a good idea if there gel filled seen them burst not pretty.


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Southwestern Pa.
I've bought decent used tires. Last one I bought was a 19.5L-24 for $125. Maybe I just got lucky.

I've never used a backhoe as part of the initial snow clearing operation, but I've used both my 580 and 680 Case machines to load snow. Both 2wd and they worked fine loading. I imagine they'd have no problem stacking.

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