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Last snow fall I met a guy with a sno-way plow and was quite impressed. I don't think I would sell me Western to buy one but I was wondering if anybody has tried or knows of a modification to get down-pressure on a Western plow? Also has anyone done any modification to there plow other than a back blade on there plow that helps in cleaning the driveway better? I was thinking of adding some side plated get a cleaner edge when I backdrag.


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I bought my first plow this season its a Snow-way 7'6"
w/down pressure and the lexan moldboard mounted on my 2000
Ram 1500 4x4 The few times Ive used it this season its been
great Ive got 20 reidential drives and 2 industrial buildings with
loading docks and 3commercial shopping lots.
The backdraging features of this plow have been great and would recomend it too anyone with backdraging needs. It cost
me 3500. installed.

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Sno Way plows are nice... we have five of them on everything from an S-10 (2 meter) to 1 ton (8'). I've been running them since '95. Liked them enough that I took a Meyer off a used truck and put a new Sno Way on it. On the dump we have the steel mulboard... got tired of replacing the lexan.

The down pressure is nice for residential drives. We don't use it on the commercial sites very much. The extra down pressure when needed to scrap up snow/ice pack is nice. But this is rarely needed. The weight of the unit is nice too for the smaller trucks.

Draw backs to them - they're expensive to maintain in general. Parts are not cheap. I stuck with the brand since I'm a fan of having one type of equipment so I have to stock fewer parts on the shelf.

The Sno Way is slow. Compared to the old E-47 it zips. Compared to the newer pumps today... its slow.

You almost have to have a snow deflector on top of the plow - very shallow curve on the mulboard.

Sno Way's claim that they warranty the lexan is a joke. Don't buy into it. They warranty a crack... but not a puncture. Chicken or egg... which came first - don't bother arguging it with them. It's $125 for a new piece of lexan.

In the future... I'll buy Sno Way for smaller trucks/jeeps to plow little drives. The next plow we buy will be fore a 1 ton will be a Boss V Plow. The Sno Way is not heavy duty enough to handle the rigors of commercial plowing. But okay for residential drives.

For back dragging... I've heard urethane cutting edges do a great job. Haven't tried one... so don't know for sure.