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First, I must thank all of you who have given this "newbie" advice; I have received a lot of good information from this site.

I assume all of you have a back-up you can call to help out in a pinch. I am wondering how you go about finding a back-up. The people on this website seem to be a pretty close knit group so I thought I would start my search here. I am in Plymouth, MN which is a western suburb of Minneapolis and am interested in finding someone who I could use as a back-up; I would of course provide the same.

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By back up I'm assuming you mean more of a "I'll cover you if you cover me" type of arangement as opposed to "I'll pay you x amount of dollars per hour or per push" type of thing.

My backup is mostly made up of sub-contractors who I pay by the hour but I do have some friends who help me out and who I help out when asked. I met these people through ads for subs and after a year we became more friends than business associates so we stopped "working" for each other and just helped each other out as needed. If you can I would suggest getting to know some fellow plowers possibly through the local truck or snow plow dealer. In this area when the weather people start their snow hype the local plow dealer is usually swamped with plowers looking for parts (especialy before the first snow) and I've seen people ask an entire line of guys if anybody needed any help or wanted work. These are just simple suggestions but as your in the industry longer you'll make more friends. Good luck :waving: .
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I've got a brother in law and two close friends who are like brothers that I work with, we all back each other up when the stuff hits the fan. I'm sure someone has recommended you start out as a sub, I did this for a while too. You can establish contacts this way and learn who you can count on. I've found the most important part of being successful in this business is to be dependable, it sounds like you're on the right track looking for back up already!

JD, the longest lines at my supplier's shop are DURING the storm, not before. It seems like many wait until then to find out their plow isn't in shape!