Joel B.

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Do all you plowers have someone to sub for you if your truck is down or you have to go out of town for an emergency or something else comes up so you can't plow? Just wondering if snow plowers network with each other to help out in emergencies.


Joel B.


Western CT
Single plowers will often have someone that they can use as a backup. Larger companies can absorb an absence of an employee during a storm.

It is a good idea when starting out to find someone as a backup. Another suggestion may be to work as a sub for someone as well as doing your own work. This gives you more income as well as experience and a dependable back=up.

Chuck Smith

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No matter how big you are, you need friends to back you up. You could have a 10 truck fleet, some bad luck, and lose 2 or 3 during one storm. Depending on how much you bit off, and the amount of snow, plowing with 7 or 8 could put you far enough behind to possibly lose accounts. Bottom line, always have friends that plow.

There is no such thing as too much networking. Ask anyone that went to the SIMA Symposium in St. Louis about networking....


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