Back Up Lights


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If your close to a tractor dealer like cat,deere,case what ever get tractors lights.They are made to take the abuse of the weather and are really bright.


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dont waste your money on the extra bright reverse lights, they dont make much difference, i tried them. my suggestion would be to get some tractor lights or similar and mount them on the rear of your truck. on my truck i used a plasma cutter and mounted, into the bumper, 2 backup lights that i bought at auto parts store as a kit. if you go the tractor light route, go with a trapezoid or flood pattern, not a spot pattern. you want as wide a pattern as you can get.


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Extra Back up Lights

The 55watt replacement bulbs for your back up lights are brighter that the stock bulbs, but don't seem to last very long. You would be better off getting an extra set of lights and mounting them where you feel you really need them. I see that your from Northern Wis. Check out Farm&Fleet, they carry a nice selection of halogen work lights that wouldn't over load your wiring or your checkbook. :rolleyes: John

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I replaced the stock bulbs with halogen bulbs I believe & they made a big difference. I also have the tractor lights set up on the spreaders, and thanks to Alan here, they are set up to be toggled to constant on, as reverse lights, or as coming on when the spreader turns on. This leaves plenty of options for any potential situation that may come up back there.


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Plug in back up lights

Have a 2003 Ford F-250. Replaced standard bulbs with the bulbs that claim to be much brighter. Saw no difference.

Bought a system from that mounts in my trailer hitch and they are GREAT. Three big bright lights that really made a difference. They also sell them as a permanent mount. Cost around $80.00
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Look at my web page at the bottom. I have a back rack with some rear flood lights. Peterson round lights. very bright.
I suggest you get those. 10.00 each. Farm and fleet carries them.


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I purchased a set of PIAA lamps, man what a great product. They did cost a lot, but the lights work awsome. Hands down, the best rear backup lights in my fleet. There four years old and still going strong.


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