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New Jersey
Just purchased a 2003 Ford F-250 with Meyer Plow. Trying to get ready for snow this year (Hopefully). The factory back up lights are inadequate for plowing, too dim.

Does anyone have any suggestions what kind of lights I could install on the back of the truck and where they should be installed. Need a lot of light when backing up.

Thank You

Don Montross (Go Patriots....)


Meriden CT
Well first id recommend going down to pep boys and getting a set of those Hyperwhite or Superwhite bulbs (you know the ones all the local rice drivers have in their ghetto taillights) and replace your factory ones with those. Believe it or not those are pretty damn bright if u get the decent ones. Then id get a pair of those tractor lights those work very well and if u look around many contractors do use them.


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Ah, another new member to this Plowsite! Welcome! :waving:

This thread has been discussed tons of time before. Do some searching and it probably will answer all the questions that you may have, and quickly! No waiting time. Click on "SEARCH" on the top right corner. Type in backup light(s) or back up light(s). Location of the backup light is important so be sure to read the previous thread.

Good luck! :)


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Ahhh, wxmn ya beat me to it:D .
Yes this topic has been discussed quite a bit and there were a lot of great ideas brought up.
You shouldn,t have too much trouble finding a lot of information about backup lights.
Good luck in your search,
Mark K


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Thank You All So Much for your help. And also for the welcome to the site. Sure is helpful. Is nice to be able to call on everyones knowledge and expertise in the field.

I appreciate it.