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  1. SCL

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    Does anyone use auxiliary backup lights like add-on driving lights or fog lights?

    Will the normal backup light circuit carry the added duty of these types of lights or do you need to rig some kind of relay?

    What other types of arrangements do any of you use?

    Thanks and Happy New Year
  2. GeoffD

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    We run all our back up lights off 7 wire trailer plugs. No splicing or tapping and works everytime.

  3. CT18fireman

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    I use the plug also I mount backup lights and on the sanders flood light that are on with the running lights. These are the round tractor type lights. Lots of rear lighting for sander and backing.
  4. paul

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    We just wire up a couple of flood lights to a switch on the dash that way when we plow we turn them on, and off as we leave the area.
  5. jason2

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    On my lawn truck I have tractor lights for backup lights. For my plow truck I bought a set of halogen backup lights made by trailblazer. They come with a relay, and a toggle switch. I spliced into the factory backup circuit. That way I can turn the toggle to on and have the auxillary's light up with the factory lights when I put it in reverse. Or I can toggle them off leaving only the factory back ups. The trailblazers are a lot brighter than the tractor type lights. But they aren't cheap. Off the top of my head I think I paid about 60 bucks for them. I was going to get aftermarket driving lamps, until I found the halogen back ups.
  6. landscaper3

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    We have 4 tractor lights for backing up plus my rear twin 55watt work lights on the Whelen Towmans edge bar light. Those $9.00 tractor lights work great they have a trapaziod light beam instead of a flood. They give a wider light angle then flood. Northern tool has them
  7. columbiaplower

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    i have a ciggret plug powerd flood ontop the spreader put a brighter bulb in the licence plate light to see the spinner better

    sorry about the sp its later
  8. jammin

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    Amber colored lights adorn all my trucks white lights hit the snow and reflect back. Hooked to a dash switch they are used only when we want. jammin
  9. SlimJim Z71

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    I bought a pair of rectangle lights that were made specifically to mount to my trailer hitch. They work great. I'm just worried about breaking them off if I back up into a snow pile.

  10. thelawnguy

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    Good Point

    I have (had?) two spots mounted to either side of the hitch reciever, every major storm one or both get bent/broken/torn off from backing over/through 3 foot piles of snow. Next time they come off they are staying off. If I mount them high enough to be out of harms way they would be pretty useless. IMO.
  11. nsmilligan

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    My trucks have two work Tractor Lights mounted on the light bar a two fog lamps mounted under thw rear bumper, they are wired into the back up light circuit with a relay, and back up alarm. As half your time is spent backing up, you need as much light behind as in front when plowing

  12. slplow

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    On my ram I replaced the factory back-ups with halogen replacement bulbs. On my dump truck, I wired in the round utility tractor type lights with halogen bulbs straight to the wiring harness to the back up lights. some trucks this may not be a good idea. But on GMs I have had no problems with this setup.
  13. DaveO

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    backup lights

    I also use the "tractor" lights. These are the black rubber covered lights you buy for ~$10. They are about 30 watts, not the brightest, but they work. I usually have to replace one a year, they burn out.

    Their advantage for me is they are cheap. I mount them next to the receiver, and leave them a Little loose. This is so when backin into snow piles, they pivot instead of breaking. They are wired into my reverse lights, as they only draw about 2amps each.

  14. Alan

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    "Tractor" lights

    Those rubber tractor lights draw 50 watts each. Two of them make a draw of over 8 amps. Running them through your stock backup light switch will, over time, cause the switch to go bad, it was designed for far less current draw.

    It takes a little doing, but it's relatively easy to wire in a relay and a double throw switch. Then you can shut them off completely, run them automatically in reverse or run them full time if you want to have light to work by behind the truck.

    As far as mounting lights to your bumper, you will get a lot better use form them if they are up high. Mine are mounted to my side rails, a few inches above the rear corners of the box. When the lights are too low they don't give you any definition on irregularities in the ground behind you, everythig past the first bump is in shadow.
  15. DaveO

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    Tractor lights


    Not sure where you get 50W tractor lights from, but I'd like to get a set. Mine are too dim to be 50W, so I just checked. The bulb says GE #4411 tractor 12V 35W. At 14V, these will draw ~2.5amps.

    I still agree the relay is a good idea. I would like to upgrade the power of these lights, the 35's are a little weak. Will need the relay for that. Maybe a set of KC's ..LOL

  16. Alan

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    Damn,, maybe I stuck my foot in it, but I was sure these were rated at 50 watts. I'll have to pull a bulb and check.
  17. beastlyf250

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    i have a set of 55 wat reverse lights paid 30 bucks for them from cabella's put john deere ruff terain h-3 bulbs in them work great at night. also got it wired on a relay and toggel switch but they will turn off when truck is off so there is no problems with a dead starts
  18. Novi plow boy

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    I use 55w driving lights and have them wired to a switch on the dash, its nice to have them an a seperate switch for working around the back of the truck at night.
  19. rjfetz1

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    I have 2 Hella dual beam work lights mounted on my backrack switched in the cab, 4 55w halogens in my lightbar switched in the cab and 3 tractor light mounted on my sander on all the time - plenty of light when I need it - only wish I had that much light up front.
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    Way to resurrect a thread guys! I think this takes the award for the oldest resurrected thread at 7 years!