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back dragging driveways

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by travski, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. travski

    travski Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    1.) is a back drag edge/blade absolutely necessary or does a hydraulic plow get the job done with enough pressure?

    2.) roughly how expensive is a back drag blade?

    any help/insight into this magical thing would be great! thanks advance.
  2. Rc2505

    Rc2505 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,245

    A back drag edge is an absolute must if you want to do it right. Otherwise you might get a couple inches at a time untill the snow stacks up against the blade and naturally starts lifting the edge off the driveway. I personally like down pressure even better than a back drag cutting edge, but if you already have the plow than just switch cutting edges and forget about it. Depending on the blade you have, you should be able to outfit it with a back drag edge for less than $200.00.
  3. travski

    travski Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    Thanks for your help. I appreciate your input!
  4. ShorePower

    ShorePower Senior Member
    Messages: 116

    The back drag blade bolts beween the moldboard and the cutting edge. More than likely you will want to put a new cutting edge on at the time the back drag is installed since they should wear together
  5. wizardsr

    wizardsr PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,584

    Depends on the plow... On some plows, the backdrag edge bolts on right behind the cutting edge, others can do a flip down backdrag edge that's independent of the main edge.

    Back drag edges certainly help get a cleaner scrape, but they aren't a "must". If you don't scrape it up on the first try, you can plow forward, lift, then drop on the other side of the pile to get it up. One of my blizzards has been modified for down pressure which also helps on driveways. If I had a truck that just did driveways, It would have a backdrag edge without a doubt.
  6. Martinson9

    Martinson9 Senior Member
    Messages: 205

    For the little bit they cost I would say you should get one. If you do much back dragging they will make it more efficient. Most everyone around here has a "hinged" back drag edge like wizardsr mentioned. They work a lot better because the type that bolt onto the back of the blade.