Back drag plows?


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Lebanon Me
I have been thinking of getting a back plow nobody sells them around here, or I havent seen them, are they really that time consuming and what do they usuallycost? Also is any one brand better than the other? Thanks for info.

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If you do many driveways with garages that have to be backbladed then turn around to finish up, yes you might find it worth the expense not to have to turn around. Down side that I can see is having that extra length behind you to worry about when you're backing up. I don't know of any company selling back blades in Maine. You might check out a Daniel's Pull Plow. Just what comes to mind. I've thought about it, but for me it just isn't worth the expense for no more time than I'd save. Though at many places I spend as much or more time visiting as I do actually plowing.
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Western CT
I am in early discussions with Garagekeeper to try on and possibly bring them to CT. Not cs of ommon here either. Try to contact him. He can give you lot info.


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Leominster, MA
Back blading

I was looking at the SNo-Way plows... they have the down-pressure system for back blading. They would seem to have an advantage over conventional plows but I went with Fisher. I have heard about Daniel's pull plow and they seem look like a good investment.


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Glenview, Ill.
Pull Plow Info

seh.I would be more then happy to send you as much info as you would like along with a copy of the installation book. You can e-mail me at plowtec@hotmail. John


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Rear plows are great for driveway applications and for commercial use!

The driveway advantages are obvious, better for radius drives, turn arounds, etc. I was suprised to learn how well a rear plow work in commercial applications.

I have a large home improvement store that needs their material yard plowed. When the first storm hit, I started using my back drag plow to clean the loading docks. After that, I just kept dragging all snow to designated snow pile areas. Never even used the front plow. Had my skid steer stack the snow once we were done dragging. Shaved at least 50% off of the time I would have spent with a front plow. If I keep the snow accumulation under 4", I can cover alot of ground.

They also came in handy at some of the strip malls, during the daytime snow events!



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I'd be more than happy to sell you one.:D

I have a Daniels pull plow on my full size dodge and a snoway front blade on it too.

Selling it because the tranny's junk in it( won't upshift by it's self have to do it manually)


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