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Has anyone had any experience with these types of shift kits for 4x4's? This kit does not change it over to a manual valve body. I have heard that these types of kits are not as rugged as my stock TH400 in the mud or at the truck pulls. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Heh heh........years ago, i had an 51 Ford P.U. in high school....Olds V-8....OLDS 4-speed "JETAWAY" Trans. I put an B&M valve body & shift kit in it !!!!! What a difference !!!!!..... I was Blowing SS396's off the street !!! YES !!! They are worth it

John DiMartino

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Most well engineered shift kits raise line press slightly and open up restricted passages to get quicker clutch engagenment and longer life.If you are willing to live with a sightly rougher shift and an occasional bang then its well worth it.Stock shifts are for the masses and need to make grandpa happy,which is to sloppy a shift for most enthusiasts.Go ahead and go for it-keep everything spotless or else it'll never work right again.<p>----------<br>John D<br>

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