axle swap(big time!!!)

axle sap (big time!!!)

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o.k. guys, I know I'm probably going the wrong way in lots of people's book but I want to convert a dana 60 dually front end to a single wheel type. anybody know what I need to pull this off???? gear ratios are the same, just need to know what I need to change to make this big boy fit. (goin in an '84 heavy 3/4 ton chev.) the '44 or "corporate" equivalent just 'aint cuttin it!!!!!!

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To the best of my knowledge (I haven't done this conversion but am comparing numbers from parts catalogues, as well I have a Dana 60 DRW and my friend has a Dana 60 SRW to compare) the difference is in the hub/rotor assembly:

Same wheel seal & bearings listed for all 87 - 77 4wd K-35 series.

Same caliper, pads & brake hoses.

Different rotor listed for DRW and SRW applications.

DRW hub/rotor has the large offset to accomodate the Budd-style dually wheel. Only thing sticking out past the wheel is the chrome ring on the locking hub unit.

SRW has the hub sticking w-a-y out past the wheel.

What I don't have info on is whether the locking hub "guts" and axle shafts are the same - I believe they are but am not 100% certain.

The idea of doing this conversion actually makes a fair amount of sense because DRW Dana 60 axles seem to the much more common, relatively speaking, than their SRW counterparts. My friend's SRW axles were originally mine: I bought a junked crewcab that basically consisted of a frame, cab shell and 1-ton axles. At $300 it was a no-brainer to buy it and drag it home. He already had the DRW set and was going to do the swap you are considering.

Since I planned to build a dually, a simple trade got each of us what we needed. :D

He had researched the conversion and the biggest hurdle seemed to be $$$: those aren't the cheapest parts out there, and are hard to find used.


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75, thanks for the reply. I agree about the hub &rotor assembly, everything else looks like another one my projects!! So far it's taken 4 trucks to make 1 I'm finally proud of ; 84 Silverado, '73 454,SM465-np205 combo hope to show pic's soon!!!


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On my Ford the drive hub assemblies are interchangeble between the SRW and DRW versions. Although I'm not positive, I would think Chevys are too. They standardise parts as much as possible at the plants to keep costs down. Believe it or not, many parts from the Chevy Dana 60 are interchangable with the Ford version.