Axel Bounce


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I have a 81 k30 1 ton 4x4 - when i come to a stop , especially down hills, my back end starts bounsing, have replaced the 20 year old shocks yesterday, with some new monroes, what else can i check? Or am i stuck with this?

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What condition are the rear springs and bushings in? Can't say for sure, but they may be a factor - on the K-35 I'm building I put brand-new everything across the back in the springs/bushings department since the old ones were "sprung".

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Are the back brakes grabbing hard,and locking up,or chirping,causing the bounce,or is it just suspension bounce.A K20 from that year with an empty bed isnt going to ride exactly smooth,so i would expect a certain amount of bounce,or choppiness to be normal,even when it was new.

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