Average times plowing in western Michigan?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by 08F3506.4L, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. 08F3506.4L

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    What do all you guys in western michigan figure on plowing in one season? I would like to think 25-30.
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    I don't understand the question.
  3. OP

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    how many times to you think we plow in a average season?
  4. Mark Oomkes

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    Why not, you asked it a couple months ago.

    My guess would be a lot more than that in Holland. We're close to that in GR.

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    In the neighborhood of 50+ I would say. I am just guessing. Never really thought about this.
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    Thank you for your wisdom.

    We based our plowing on 25 times in 1 season for 2" or more in Holland MI, I think were at 35+ now but alot of those were just clean ups.
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    My pleasure sk.

    To the OP, in Grandville, depending on requirements--5, 6 or 7 days a week--I figure on 25 pushes per season based on a 1" trigger for the 7 day a week customers. And this year we've hit that and then some on the east side of town. And since even Grandville gets much less snow than Holland, and even with a 2" trigger, I'd be going with at least 30 trips.
  8. snow belt

    we average 157 inches per year in Antrim County.

    residential plowing has a 3-4 inch trigger and this year that meant about 15-20 pushes
    for most.

    some requested more service and some felt worn out and asked to wait after 12 visits.

    commercial would probably be more like you guys are reporting.

    I guess the folks asking for more plowing are from down state and less tolerant
    of snow in their drives. most folks are used to snow in their drives and we dont
    see the ground until April

  9. framer1901

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    Mark - how far back do you go for "adjustments" to seasonal numbers?? I have real good numbers for Holland area for the last 8 years, while the salt varies quite a bit, the plowing seemed very close for the first five years. Year six was that low but year seven was high and statiscally offset the low year and the numbers still jive over the long haul. I'm not worried at all with two years in a row above average but if next year is high also..........

    The only way to really get good numbers is with experience. Pay attention to places you don't plow, pick three or four different type of locations and watch them over the years. Write it down. When I first started, the numbers I heard for hourly rates and average plows were all over the place.
  10. QuadPlower

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    Kalamazoo/Portage I base it on 20 for seasonal contracts w/2" trigger. I'm at 23 right now.
    06-07 = 21
    05-06 = 11
    04-05 = 22

    Probably should raise it to 21 or 22 now that I look back.
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    framer, not sure how far back my dad has used those numbers for, but he's been plowing since '62. I've been using those numbers since the early 90's and '93-'94 was the only other year other than this year that we've gone over. Come close, several times but only 2 seasons out of 14 have we gone over. Even last year we were about right on target. And in a year like last year or the ones that are close, numbers can get fudged around because of efficiency so we still come out ahead.

    Sounds like a fairly good average to me. ;)

    I'd hate to be plowing a large complex in Holland (with the higher snowfall totals) and not have a good average. ;)
  12. framer1901

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    Thanks Mark - last year was an over down here also, otherwise fairly consistent from what I've seen. I agree, I wouldn't want to venture down that road without knowing.

    Sorta weird year down here, even with the two melts, it's piled high. Snowfall totals have to be higher than normal - for me it's too hard to try and track that, we track over 6" events and just normal events, it works for me. Saugatuck could get 6 and Holland a dusting - heck the Holland airport could get 6 and Lowes could get only 2, adds more excitment through the nite.