Automatic Log In?

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Somerset, NJ
Help! I dumped my cookies the other day. I have the Automatically Sign In option checked yes, and Allow Cookies checked Yes. However I am no longer automatically logged in when I get to Plow Site. What else can I do to get it working again? Thanks.


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It has been a while but I asked someone this same question. I think you go to profile then options change to no on both cookie questions, then log off, then log on and change both no's to yes.... I think


Hrm... that one stumps me also.

I have never had a problem with login and I clear my cookies daily.

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I dumped my cookies the other day

Uh-oh - I hope it wasn't t-o-o messy! :eek:

J/K, couldn't resist that one! ;)

I always log in automatically too, never tossed - er, dumped - my cookies but once in a while I get here and have to log on, even though I didn't "log out" the last time. Never any problems once I lkog back on, just one of those "quirks" I guess.

I use the computer, but I'll admit I don't necessarily understand it!

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