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Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by Detroitdan, Feb 14, 2008.

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    Anyone know where to get an auger transmission for a SnowEx 1875? Dealer wants over three bills, I don't believe it's made by Trynex exclusively, so if I could find a distributor I could probably save some money. Or if I could get parts I could rebuild it myself. Only thing wrong is the brass gear has all the teeth chewed off by the steel worm gear.
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    I'm a Trynex dealer, and have rebuilt some (Bearings and shafts)
    I just took one apart today. Same thing, worm gear wasted.
    I have'nt found any parts for these.
    I get the bearings locally. I also have bought a mill, and have a buddy that is a machinist make new shafts for them. He mills them down and cuts in the keyways.
    I've had no luck with the worm gears or the round brass gear. JOHN

    P.S. I hope you did'nt touch the grease in the gearbox with your bare hands. One of the engineers at Trynex told me it's toxic. It's made by Shell and has an extreemly low freezing point. He said something about being used on the space shuttle.
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    I could get the bearings locally I'm sure, I know of a big bearing specialty place. And I could get a shaft made at the machine shop, but if I can't get the gear, then I need to buy a whole new trans anyway, right? So I may as well throw this one out. So are you saying you've rebuilt them as far as bearings and shaft, but not had to replace a gear? Because I can't imagine anything failing before that super-soft brass gear. May as well have used a plastic gear.
    I was kind of hoping to find a new gearbox through a supplier, like Grainger or someone. I mean, Trynex must get them from somewhere, I'm sure they don't manufacture every single part for their spreaders.
    Guess I better bite the bullet and order one from the dealer for $330 plus shipping. Ouch. I'm already out $200 for sanding I've had to sub out. Probably be a lot more before I get the new part in.

    Of course I got the grease on my hands. I couldn't resist playing with it, it was so sparkly with all the ground up brass from the gear mixed in it. Wish I'd known ahead of time it was toxic, but too late now. Oh well, I've washed my hands. I have too much else on my mind right now to worry about little things like toxic substances. But thanks for the warning. And thanks for the info.
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    I love the dry humor ha ha ha :p
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    I was actually serious, unfortunately.
    I found a transmission online from a parts supplier for about $285, so I ordered one. Little cheaper than the dealer.
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    I saw one on ebay look under 12v motor transmission this was a few weeks back but good to know next time it was like $150 i think