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Bill M.

Junior Member
bangor, maine
Anybody in the northeast have an idea of what a 2000-01 f250/f350 CC PSD lariat goes for lately at the auctions?

Local dealership will get me what I want for $500 over their cost. Just curious what they get at auction. Not that I dont trust the dealer right??? ;)

thelawnguy Addict
Central CT
Good luck finding a late-model popular truck at auction, unless you want one with 100,000+ miles on it.

A month ago 4wd PS 99 and up with the right miles if you could find one were selling at auction (mind you, this means as-is, maybe flood damaged, repaired wreck with a washed title, etc) for NADA average trade-in. With current financing rates of 0% you are better off buying new.

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