atv/tractor mounted salt spreaders


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anyone use an atv or tractor with an electric spreader mounted on the rear to salt sidewalks? i see several companies, earthway, spyker, curtis all make them that run off 12 volts. just looking for some experiences, good or bad with these or other units, because at approx $800 i want to buy a good one the first time.
i bought one from cycle country 3 years ago for a yamaha wolverine that we plow sidewalks with. The spreader is ok, but there looks to be better ones on the market.
1. Mounting system to quad is not strong enough - had to do major modifications.
2. electric motor is not sealed - lasted 3 snows and burned up due to salt. got a free replacement but had down time. coated replacement with liquid plastic.
3. cable system to open close hopper freezes up. even with washing off and antiseize.
4. took scrap belting and wrapped around back of spreader to keep the calcium in a contained area.
5. only way to do sidewalks - well it works well for me.
I was looking at a couple of the lesco tailgate spreaders to mount on the back of john deere 950 tractors w/ sweepsters on the front. they offer a 3 point mounting kit so it could be rigidly mounted. I think they also offered a little shield to keep the swath at the width of the sidewalk. I was going to mount the controller somewhere on the dash of the tractor and even add a second battery in the cab if it needed a little extra power. I figure the tractor is probably sturdy enough to hold 350 - 400 lbs of cacl on the three point hitch and it would actually help the traction issues.



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I bought a buyer's ATV15 with in a month it was shorted out and send it back. Talked to the Buyer's they said that there spreader was not for salt but the add in the catolage said it was so becarefull. Find out if the motor is sealed if not say a way from it. If not it will not last the season. Went back to a walk behind spreader. works better less waste

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