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ATV Stuck picture thread,


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just a PIC and how long till the ATV was unstuck?

I was out in 5 minutes just had to move the truck into range of the winch and pulled myself right out. I should have turned the blade and plowed downhill pushing snow downhill but I tried to make the hill and got the rear buried.

first time ATV stuck this year I buried my John Deere 140 with blower in this same spot a month ago and the ATV had to rescue the JD.


The first one only took a few minutes to run and grab the tractor to yank it out. It was close to the barnyard, the second if I remember correctly I walked back and forth in front of it until I had packed the snow down enough that it would drive out. I miss that machine, it was a tank. There was almost nothing that you couldn't drive through. Someday I'll have another.
The new machine in the pond took me a few hours to get out if I remember right. The truck was off, just about stuck in the deep snow in the yard to yank on it with about 100' of chain but the wheeler was hooked under the ice so it wouldn't just come out. I had to make a ramp out of 2x6.