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ATV spreaders

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by sharpercut, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. sharpercut

    sharpercut Junior Member
    from MD
    Messages: 20

    Ive searched this site and couldn't find the answer to my question. At one of our sites we have 110,000 sq ft of sidewalks. payup We bought some ATVs with plows and are going to use our dingo with a blade. But I can not find a spreader that would work out. We have the walk behind ones, but its like 6 miles of walks, so we want to get one for an atv. Also we dont want to use a tow behind one becasue they have to back up frequently, and dont want our guys messing up our new toys. Also about 1/3 of the walks are spread out in different areas, and i dont think that they could travel to fast using a tow behind. But, we bought a tractor trailer load of flake mag, so the hole openings have to be big enough for it to go through, the lesco and earthways wont work since they use the small holes. I have found alot of spreaders for atvs, but they only have the small holes, which dont work with our mag flakes. We were thinking about a snowex 375 but the ATV can only hold like 50 lbs of tounge weight on the hitch. Is there anyone that has the same problems or figured out what to do???? :confused:
  2. salopez

    salopez Senior Member
    Messages: 876

    how about a compact tractor with a spreader? you can get up to and 8 bushel hopper for them. should last a good bit. you can adjust the spead and can spread course or fine material
  3. Class IV livin'

    Class IV livin' Junior Member
    Messages: 9

    Check out the Curtis 550 Salt/Sand spreader. The throat on the feed is adjustable so it would disperse flakes the size of golf balls if you needed it to. It's sized to fit in the back of any of the crossover ATV's or utility machines. Like the Gator of anything else with a small bed and 12 volts available. I've got one for our road and my driveway and it works great. I use it to spread the municipal sand/salt mix. At least most salt and salt alternatives are light, compared to sand. You'll still have to watch the suspension as the hopper has a fair sized capacity if it's going to be used on a utility ATV.
  4. capital

    capital Senior Member
    Messages: 127

    ATV Spreader

    We are currently using a ATV with a snowex spreader. Thus far have noticed that it spreads the salt / de icer a little to fast and will need to play with the controller. We also have a baffle built in the back to keep it from ruining the under carriage. We have only had one snow fall thus far but think it is saving us quite a bit of time.
  5. OutdoorSupplies

    OutdoorSupplies Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    ATV Spreader

    We mount alot of the Snow-ex 375's on ATV's. We put them up on the rack so they don't put too much weight out the back end. Aluminum or sheet metal is used to make a "beaver tail" about 26 inches wide so the material spread is controlled. They work great! I'll try to get you a pic and you can fab one up.
  6. sharpercut

    sharpercut Junior Member
    from MD
    Messages: 20

    If you could send a pic that would be great. That is exactly what we need to do to our atvs. Thanks for the info