ATV Plow..??


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Grosse Ile, Mi.
I was wondering if anyone out there uses an ATV to plow with
I have seen some really nice setups and was wondering how they work. Let me know what your rig is and how it performs or what would make it more usefull...
We have a few that we use and we have built a few others.We usually build a front rack,if it doesn't already have one,and hang everything off of there.It is very simple,just two small pins holding plow to ATV frame,and a cable and pulley,with a manual lift arm mounted to the front rack.The moldboard is half of an old 55 Gal drum,with a full trip design,using some old garage door springs,and two eye bolts.Just don't go overboard on it or you will never lift it !!

We have also installed several factory plow setups which are very nice,just they don't lift high enough,so your forced to find a handicapped ramp,or back up the sidewalk,which will still bend the blade harness if your not careful.Most of these newer units have a small ATV winch to lift the blade,which is nice,but if you use it too much,the battery dies real quick,as they have very low output alternators,and small batteries.Add a winch,and a few lights,and they go dead real fast.

I would only recommend one if you have a lot of long straight sidewalks,which are done before you plow.Then you can dump the snow onto the lot.Otherwise a snowblower is actually better,as you can control where the snow goes,and even throw it ahead of you if you have no where to put it.
You can use an old worn out carbide cutting edge cut down to size for the blade,it will save the wear and tear.Just don't make it too high or it will be too heavy.We also bolt two pieces of carbide off the back off the blade to act as shoes.


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We have two hondas 4x4 with factory plows on one site and a new polaris 4x4 with a factory plow at another site. At the first site there is a few miles of sidewalks. The other is a city job, which has a large front patio and sidewalks around the entire city block. All have a manual lift and a winch w/ elec. lift. They are set up like this, because like the previous post said, the winches drain the battery quick. The machines work extremely well, and also allow you to move bagged materials around the site to your crew.

In total our company is running at least 12 atv's this year in the region. We have found them to be a reliable asset for cleanup at large commercial accounts.
we have a yamaha 350 warrior with a factory v blade on it. we have been using it for 3 years with only a few problems. as noted above our blades wear quick so we are trying a polymer blade and will probably switch over to a carbide blade. we also have a salt spreader (cycle country) that has been modified to how it is attached to the machine. also we sealed the motor so that salt does not get inside. the first one lasted 4 snows. it works well on long sidewalks.

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