Attn: Those attending the CONEX tomorrow

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by snow, Feb 7, 2001.

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    For everyone going to the conex between 4 and 8, i'd like to have a small get-together for us lawnsite members. If everyone going would email me at, i'd like to setup a meeting place there and mayb eat dinner and bs l8r. I will have my cell phone on tomorrow, and if you guys give me your #'s i'll call you right b 4 i get there. everyone going during that time please email me here or respond to this post.

    Hope to see some of you guys there!

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    How was the show? I was unable to attend, too much other stuff to do after Mondays storm.
  3. Mike Nelson

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    John and I went yesterday.
    It was not as great as I thought it would be,but then again I wasn't in the market to buy anything.
    Can't wait till Denver :D
  4. OP

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    the expo.....

    Well, there were only two exhibits relating to snow removal. I talked to a couple exhibitors for a while. I found out the electrical problems with Freightliner state trucks were the ones built by New England Truck. Freightliner of Hartford had one problem with a roll off truck. The salesperson was very nice. I also got to speak with their spec writer, he saw my fire department jacket and we talked about it for a while. They told me when i'm in the area to call them and they'd show me around.They told me that they bought Equipment Service, and that the state trucks they make are put together by their company equipment service.

    Universal Welding had a brand new freightliner town truck (that i guess is their municipal package). It was a freightliner 112d d with a heil sidewinder body (doubel acting) and a viking 1142 plow. Very nice truck, a lot of people very looking at it.

    Another nice thing was the Patriots cheerleaders, i got a photo of them signed, and my dad took a photo of me with them.

    The bad part about the expo was i didn't get to meet anyone. CT18fireman was in the building, but my dads cell phone didn't get reception, and he didn't hear jesse's call. I also didn't get to meet slingshot. The show is OK, it's not that great, but it's all that's around. By going there i now know that there's a big truck expo there in september. should be pretty interesting.

    A vendor that sold t-shirts had a nice one of a Cecio Bros truck that was restored a while ago and has the name of the truck. The person also sells an FWD truck shirt with a sno-fighter with a one way, sander and wing. i plan to order that shirt.

    oh well, that's my story from the expo.