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Attn: Northeast Ohio

Discussion in 'Networking' started by NASConst_land, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. NASConst_land

    NASConst_land Member
    Messages: 54

    Not that there isnt already enough guys plowing snow in Northeast Ohio area, theres always room for more. Looking for a company that does large scale commercial plowing.

    For a few years we have been kicking around the idea of plowing in the snowbelt areas in NE Ohio. Well this year we figure we will give it a shot. We own a Landscape company in the Toledo Ohio area but since it never snows there we dont get to plow much. We have a few places to stay in the NE Ohio area and would be willing to go plow for anyone that would need some help. There are 4 of us that would be interested in plowing, 3 of which own the company here in town together, one of them being me. Below is listed the trucks that we would be plowing with

    2003 F-250 PSD 8' Western Poly Blade
    2003 F-250 Gas 7' 6'' Western Blade
    1999 F-350 PSD 9'2'' Boss V-plow
    1999 F-250 Gas 7' 6'' Western Blade

    We would be willing to come the day before expected snow, be ready to go when the need be, and stay as long as we are needed. This is of course that we arnt getting snow in Toledo and like i said before.. Rarely happens. Seeing as we are young, and we really just like to be out in our trucks plowing snow because its fun, we are willing to work for a reasonable price, for our experience. Since we do nothing over the winter except wait for snow, and fiddle around getting ready for spring we are available at the drop of a dime, as long as its not snowing in Toledo.

    I doubt many guys would be interested, or have a need for 4 trucks, and probably some guys think we are just crazy for wanting to drive 3 hours to plow snow, but i thought i would put the word out to anyone that may be interested. Thanks