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I know you guys are out plowing, but i only got 3in so im done. I want to see how all of attack the lot. Give a step bstep from when u get there to when u leave. How u deal with curbs and islands.
As u can see im really bored. Hope u all did well.


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This question is practically impossible to answer because it would take a page just to list the variables which change the format,such as depth of snow, weight of snow location of doors and dumpsters,are there curbs or not is the lot gravel, type of plow you have and on and on.The key to plowing a lot is to have a plan and never move the snow more than once and have it all end up where it should in a time frame that makes you money.

diggerman is completely way that seems to happen often is starting close to a building then pushing away whether it be in a circle or otherwise....we will almost never push or stack towards a building
A little bit off the topic, but along the same line. We have found two things.

1) When we figure out the best way to plow a place, do it the same way every time (or we seem to get screwed up and cost time).

2) We sure like to be able to do our route in the same order each snowfall. Changes here get us screwed up too and usually mean we miss something or are inefficient, travelling back to one or more areas.

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Good Morning,
This is just one job we did.
Sunday 2am,snow started to fall steady.Temp.low 20's
400am 3-4 inches on ground with additional 3-4 inches to fall and stop by 9am(and it did just that)6-8" total.

Job is a mall with two big anchor stores,one being open 24hrs.Size:20 acres with concrete isles and curbing around perimeters.

1)Pretreat with Magic salt before it started to snow.
2)Started to plow at 430am.Equipment used was 2 J.D.544 loaders,one w/16'power angle plow(for all roads) and the other w/16'ProTech pusher(for lots).
3)By noon everything was plowed and treated with Magic salt.
4)Results at 500pm Sunday dry parking lot.

Please remember,every job is different and this was just one scenario.
Happy Plowing!


I like DJ's thoughts on plowing the lots the same way each and every time, but I cannot seem to do this.

One property of mine is a small strip mall. It has a bagel shop that opens @ 6, and a dry cleaners that opens @7. It also has some other stores that open later in the morning, 9-10 or so.

The most efficent way to plow it is starting with the areas near the shops that open up later in the morning, and finishing up near the bagel shop and dry cleaners.

The problem is that we usually get storms that last till 5 or 6 am, and those two spots need to be opened up at that time, so I will usually plow those areas first, then have to back track and get the areas by the stores that have a later opening time.

I'd hate to think of the complaints I'd get if I was plowing early morning near the furnitire store that does not open till 10 a.m. while the bagel store was still plowed in.


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Like what has been said it will take alot of time just to type the routine, but here goes.
Case Study Comfort Suites Hotel
Pretreat with magic salt
Start ploing when 1" in on the ground, snow is getting heavier 1-2" per hour. Truck stays on site for the duration of storm. Predesignated snow stacking areas. Start pushing snow and stacking in those areas.Now the hotel is 100% full cars everywhere, snow cannot be cast to the side at all, however sub forgot this detail,it is now to late, and cars are buried. Take Honda 621 and blow out from behind all cars, in them niddle of this ordeal, Mike Nelson calls for some chat time with me. Anyway got all cars dug out, and then used my plow to keep them dug out. No need to worry about curbs with us, we have enough snow that they are an easy transition from lot to curb now.
Repeat this process about 25 times and that covers our route.

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When I train the guys here I always tell them to stop and think for a minute on what would be the most productive way of doing the area that they are plowing. I wouldn't want them backing up a 1/2 of mile to make another pass over, stuff like that. I make them understand that it changes depending on the area and the weather, etc. The less time you spend in reverse and picking up and putting down your blade, the more time you have to sleep while everyone else is still out there with their reverse lights on!!

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