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I just got back from checking all the lots that i do and found about 200 liner feet of asphalt curbing ripped up off the pavement on a lot i sent a friend to do,any idea on how much something like that costs to replace? the lot owner is pretty pissed off because the lot was only 2 months old
, thanx

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Call your insuance co., or better yet his, the damage was done with his truck, he is resposible. Call paving co. to get estimate, maybe he will give you the name of who installed it originally. Good luck.

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Ouch... yeah that's gonna hurt. I would definately get on the phone with your friend. As long as he had insurance, you should be alright. If he doesn't, you may have to eat this one.


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I talked to my buddy today and found out what he had to say and he said that the curbing was lifted off the ground by freezing/thawing and the plow just pushed it aside and of course he didnt get plowing insurance this year because he gave me almost all of his commercial contracts so i would have something to do, and i didnt get any insurance because i was under the impression that i was working for him and "everything was taken care of", so i guess that i am gonna have to buy my half of $4000.00 in asphalt curbing and about 50 parking stops , god this winter sucks, well i guess i am not getting that new grasshopper i wanted

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Lesson Learned!

It was an expensive one, but this should be a lesson learned for you, your friend, and a lot of the guys out there plowing with no insurance!! Simple as day to whack you in the face with one wrong move!!

Get Smart - Get Insurance - It Pays! ;)


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$4000 sounds like alot I would check with some other pavers tell them your story maybe they will be willing to help out. If you have a dump truck maybe you can rent or barrow the curbing machine and do it yuorself. As for the parking blocks they should be fine you just have to put them back in place.

Hope it works out

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Originally posted by John Allin
Oh man... Bill.....

You're brutal....

But....... it does make one think, doesn't it ???
Sometimes, a question will enlighten the masses much more than an answer.

Others should ask themselves the same question before they decide to forgo "necessities" such as safety equipment, insurance, decent tires, licenses and permits, etc.


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I thought this site was a place were you could get some good advice not get poked fun at, think back to when all you guys had smethig like that happen to you.

It may be funny now but I'll bet it wasn't Then

Maybe if you,re going to joke around you should offer some good advice as well.


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as quoted from above ;


what do you think my day job is,? moron!
why dont you get your head out from under that 9 ft pile of dog crap!!!


Plow Kid,

I hope it does not cost you $4,000 for 200 feet of asphalt. There has got to be a cheaper way. You could buy a curb making machine and do it in black dyed concrete yourself for that much. I just had my entire driveway done, approximately 30 tons of asphalt installed for $2,450.00.

Something I would look at is how that curb was installed. If it was laid flat over the base, it could have lifted from ice forming between the base and the curb causing it to lift and seperate and your friends plow never touched it, just the weight of the windrow pushed it away. This is a very possible senerio. Look around that area and see if there is more drainage ice or water in that area than other areas around the lot.

The installer might not have applied a tack application between the two asphalts which would allow the two to seperate very easily under freeze and thaw conditions. Even without a freeze and thaw, unless it was a seamless installation of base and curb done as one motion, it would never stay put. If so, you might be able to get out of this issue, if you can tell your man did not just plow them up from hitting them way to hard. I would think I would be pushing that a curb should stand up to intended use for that region, which must include snow removal since you are doing it there.

I am serious about the curb machine if you have no choice but to fix it or pay for it. I looked at these machines at a trade show I'll bet they would do asphalt in place of concrete. Ones I had phamplets on were and ,but I know there are a few others out there.

I hope you can find a cheaper method to fix the curb and satisfy the owner. PS, if you go and get insurance, do not tell them about this incident as why you are there.

Good Luck


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I can tell you I wouldn't be paying a dime for fixing any asphalt curbing,the stuff is junk and if you didn't tear it up this snow you would of at some point in time.If you have to pay to replace it dump the account because it will happen again.


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I used to be a Supervisor for an asphalt maintance company and $4000.00 does sound quite high. You need to get some more estimates. Right after you get insurance. I will talk to my previous boss and find out approximatly what that should cost.

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If some of the above replies don't make sense to you, it's because I deleted all of a former members posts that had no value to this thread or forum.


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<<<If some of the above replies don't make sense to you, it's because I deleted all of a former members posts that had no value to this thread or forum>>>

First off let me say that I was reading with interest and then came to those posts just for lack of a better term, bashing the Kid. I was going to reply to that knucklehead. but my time is more valuable than that. So thank you for getting rid of those useless posts.

I know that everyone here has messed up something a time or two. I have, and hindsight is always 20/20 but we live and learn. Some lessons are alot more expensive than others. The main thing is that he is taking the correct actions in this matter. Owning up to the mistake, be it right or wrong.

When your plowing snow or cutting grass, pushin dirt or what ever, your providing a service. Now if a customer is happy with that service he will tell 3-4 people. If the customer is unhappy with your service he will tell 7-10 people. But if you get an unhappy customer and meet with him about a problem and try to resolve it, you can maybe put him back in the happy end of the scale.

Why is the above mumbo-jumbo important---how do you get most of your jobs---word of mouth!!! So if you want to have a top-notch company you've got to run it like one! Sometimes it pays to bite the bullet.

Now as to the problem, if you find that a tack coat wasn't put down or something of that nature. Explain it to the customer and the problem that it causes when plowing. See he has no idea as to the root of the problem he just wants it fixed. So if you take the time to (school) the customer on curbs and plowing you might not end up footing the repair bill. Or maybe a couple of free plowings of his lot. So many ways to take care of the problem.
Good luck