Are timbrens worth it?

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  1. jonnyb76

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    As the title reads are Timbrens worth the investment for my rig?
    I've been waffling for years.;)
  2. to_buy

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    I think they are great. Every truck I order has them in now. A extra leaf stiffens the ride, the Timbren are the best way to go.
  3. Super Mech

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    I think they work great. I have them at all 4 corners of my Ford. Really helped the front with the plow on.
  4. xgiovannix12

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    I have no issues with mine I just installed them not to long ago
  5. oldmankent

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    they work. When I had them on my 96 F250 I didn't like the ride quality. Direct contact between frame and axle. Sure it is a rubber spring like thing, but I changed out springs and some other stuff, and the ride quality improved and carried the plow fine.
  6. matts27

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  7. SnowGuy73

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    Short answer..

    Yes, yes they are worth it.
  8. chachi1984

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    on my 2002 gmc sierra 2500hd I put an extra heavy duty spring in the rear and even with my 8ft salter it doesn't look like it goes down enough for the timbrens to do anything in the rear . theres about a 4 inch space between the stock one and the rear end it would hit
  9. thumerzs

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    My mount was bottoming out in dips on the pavement while transporting a 7 1/2' Western Midweight on a 2013 R/C Silverado 1500.

    The Timbrens (fronts only) stopped that from happening, even with my heavier 7 1/2' Pro Plow mounted.

    So yes, they work and I'm happy with the investment, but the mount still sits really low on my particular set-up. Don't expect miracles.
  10. jasonv

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    Timbrens are nothing but bigger bump stops. Rather than stopping you from bottoming out, they actually cause you to bottom out *sooner*.

    Its a much smarter idea to get higher rate springs for carrying heavier loads.
  11. South Seneca

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    I put Timbrens in my 01 GMC 2500. Afterward, the ride was rough as the truck rested right on the Timbrens. So, I cranked the torsion bars up 3 1/2 turns. It works great now.
  12. SnoFarmer

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    We recommend and use them on all of our plow trucks.

    I laugh when I read, they made my truck ride like crap
    huum, and stiffer springs will make it ride better sitting on the stock bump stop has a great ride and so on..

    Geee it's a work truck not a Cadillac.
    Mine don't effect the unloaded ride at all.

    A bump stop is a solid chunk of rubber, a timbren isn't
    it's has a progressive spring rate as it's compressed.

    Mine have given me years of trouble free use, and their warranty and service is top notch.
    I lost one and they replaced it for free.
  13. jstevens66

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    I hear that timbrens are great, but I would go for the billstein 5100 leveling kit. For the same amount of money you will actually improve the ride quality and get the level you want, just set them on the highest height,(2.5" of lift). You also don't have to get the diff. drop for this kit, but for $30-$50, get to be on the safe side.
  14. jasonv

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    Its a bigger piece of rubber that sits in the same spot where you unbolted the original bump stop. Nothing but a bigger bump stop.
  15. jasonv

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    I wouldn't recommend a "lift". Rather a higher rate spring. A "lift" will position your lift frame higher than it should be, and cause your a-frame to angle down towards the plow.
  16. Mark Oomkes

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    Timbrens are a scam.

    I had 3 trucks with them. Kept breaking the lift arm\power hitch on my '04 550. Took the Timbrens off and the problem went away.

    Had them on both my '05's and the frames cracked on both. This was also related to the new HD truck side mount that Blizzard came out with that was about 1/4" away from a pre-drilled hole in the frame. Throw in the stress of hitting the "progressive springs" and coming to very positive stop, both frames cracked. Repaired the frames and removed the Timbrens and it's been several years since we've had problems.

    The only time my ride was rougher was when hitting a pothole or large frost heave and they would bottom out.

    Go with airbags or the like. Far superior to Timbrens, and if your springs are in good shape and don't need to be replaced will give you the carrying capacity without the rough ride of just adding leaves to the spring packs.
  17. jstevens66

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    Your right about the stiffer springs, I never actually thought about just putting a stiffer set on, but you will sacrifice some ride quality with that, I guess no matter what you do, you're gonna sacrifice some kind of ride quality or performance or something. It also depends on what kinda application it is, I would opt for the leveling kit just for the added height, not scraping on certain driveways and you can always put bigger wheels and rims on with the leveling kit. It all depends what application its for, an f-350 doesn't need added lift, stiffer spring would be the way to go, a toyota tundra, leveling it would be the way to go if you ask me.
  18. SnoFarmer

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    Air bags for the front...
    someone needs some sleep......
    Then again some trucks have frames that are prone to cracking.

    jasonv,can't teach those who do not not learn.
    and springs are chunks of solid steel.
  19. Mark Oomkes

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    Sleep? I've gotten 2 full nights of sleep now.

    They do make air bags for coil spring trucks.

    You're correct. I had to have all my Dodge frames repaired, and they had no Timbrens and much smaller, lighter plows.
  20. rjm06590

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    Back when my stepdad plowed with his Bronco they had a bag that would go in the coil spring. You would inflate it and it would fill the voids between each coil.