Arctic snowplows???????


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Chicago, IL.
Just wondering if anyone has insight on the Arctic snow plow line. We met a person with Arctic at the SIMA symposium that had a decent looking poly trip edge snow plow.

I like poly plows............. I currently run Meyer (5) 8-9' Poly plows. They have served our needs very well!

I also beleive there are no Arctic dealers near me so parts/dealer repair may be an issue?

Let me know,



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i bought a 8ft poly artic trip edge last year with the removable sides like turkey-wings. I had a 8ft poly meyers before this and liked it. i had no problems with the plow this past year(first year with it) but it also wasn't a harsh winter up here. This is my first trip edge plow and i love it. I'll never go back to the whole mold board tripping. Its alot easier on the truck when it trips. The optional wings u can get with the trip edge are awesome. My buddy has had an 8ft poly mould board trip artic for 2 years now and hasn't had a problem with the pump or anything. Artic has been aroung up here in canada for a long time and we have dealers close which is nice. I remember when i started plowing way back when, the guy i worked for had 3 artics and once in a while the pumps (under the hood) would give us problems, but i blame that on the owner for lack of maintenance. I chose artic because it was $1000 cheaper than meyers or western, but looks like it is built just as tough. As far as i"m concerned i'd buy another artic.


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Chicago Snow, the artic plow line has been around for many years now, they have also changed with the times to offer an easy hook up and have a durable plow. If you are looking for someone in the Chicago area, Tim Wallace Landscape Supply in Bolingbrook, IL is a major snow plow dealer and also carries the Arctic Poly. You can also check out his website at His pricing seems very fair to me.
With the exception of Boss, he carries all the major brands of plows.

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