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arctic pull plow hyd unit

Discussion in 'Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher' started by bossplowguy, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. bossplowguy

    bossplowguy Senior Member
    Messages: 214

    :help: I just bought a used Arctic pull plow and was wondering if anyone has a used pump they would like to sell off of one. I have a few pumps here but they are all pretty bulky. I guess if worst comes to worst i could mount it in the bed of the truck. Any help would be great, Thanks!!
  2. DSLL

    DSLL Senior Member
    Messages: 136

    Do you not have the one made for the plow? So it won't fit where the pump is supposed to go, because they are bulky? I would just run one of your other pumps in your truck bed in a tool box or something creative. On my arctic pull plow the pump is on the plow frame, thus down in the slush, and i would rather have it up and out of the way.
  3. bossplowguy

    bossplowguy Senior Member
    Messages: 214

    Well, I ended up getting one off a lift gate and doing some fabricating on it. It does have down pressure but it don't work the greatest. So I think i am going to turn the cutting edge around and see if it scrapes any better.