Anywhere running a FF sale right now?

Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by IMAGE, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. IMAGE

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    I need to buy some, probally a case of cans. Anyone know which online site has the best price?

  2. treeman06

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    try thats where i get mine, dont know if it is the cheapest though
  3. hydro_37

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    from iowa
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    Check case prices at the local John Deere dealer. I got a single can for $7.70
  4. cobraman

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    McMaster-Carr should still be the cheapest at $5.05 a can plus shipping from the location nearest you. The part number is 12055K74.
  5. harley9202

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    Thanks for the heads up on McMaster-Carr. That is the cheapest I saw anywhere online, including ebay. I just bought some. Time to start coating everything!
  6. duff daddy

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    what do you guys coat with the fluid film? i can understand the push arms but what else?
  7. B&B

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    Use it on just about everything.

    Spray it under the ribs and bracing on the plow to deter rust from wicking out from under it.

    On all the electrical connections.

    You can even spray it over the entire plow (or spreader) and rub it in with a shop towel if you want. Use the same technique in the undercarriage as well.

    Really does help.
  8. duff daddy

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    SWEEEET, yea after i posted this i started fishing around and found some good ideas for this product, pretty sure im gonna jack hte truck up and give her a good once over spray down and get it all oil coated for next year.