Anyone tried this???

Alan Addict
I just went to their site and ordered their demo software, it sounds interesting and not so pricey that it will break the budget. I've been using Quickbooks and it works OK but there has to be a better way.

Thanks for posting the link.

i started with the same program then upgraded to their lawn one as well still use it today they are always improving(as everyone else)but give you good support and it is relatively cheap if not free to upgrade once your in definately one of the more affordable programs out there, good looking bills, etc any specific q's call me or ask away i would love to help out
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SlimJim Z71

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Cary, IL

Did you download the demo first? It is free ya know. I havn't played with it a whole lot yet, but it seems decent. I'm using quickbooks as well... that is a great program. It would be nice to have something that pertains to our industry a little more though.


Alan Addict
Tim, I'm connecting through AOhelL and it has a way of disconnecting me at the worst times, so I'll wait for the demo disk rather than take a chance on downloading.

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