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Anyone Tried This BIM ?

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by CountryBoy72, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. CountryBoy72

    CountryBoy72 Member
    Messages: 35

    I don't know if this product is available in the US or not ? Any of the Ontario Boys tried it ? Might be able to get a deal on this product through work. So I thought I would ask the experts about it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated ? They even say its safe for concrete.....
    Ice Melter Salts

    Sifto® Xtreme
    Performance Ice Melter


    Sifto Xtreme Performance Ice Melter delivers powerful melting action down to -31°C/-24°F


    Blue coloured crystals ensure even application with no waste, no stains
    With easy-to-see blue crystals,
    Sifto® Xtreme Performance Ice Melter can be applied evenly to provide maximum ice melting performance with virtually no waste. That saves you money. Plus Xtreme Performance's blue crystals won't stain carpets or floors.

    Long lasting performance that resists refreezing
    Sifto Xtreme Performance Ice Melter is made with a premium blended process, allowing the ingredients to work together for powerful, synergistic melting action. The crystals begin working on contact to rapidly melt potentially dangerous ice. The heat released by Xtreme Performance creates a robust brine solution that resists refreezing for an extended period. Low priced ice melters that stop working require reapplications, so you spend more in product and labour costs. Xtreme Performance keeps delivering long lasting performance without additional applications.

    Sifto Xtreme Performance Ice Melter excels
    where other products don't
    Xtreme Performance won't cause damage to properly
    air-entrained, cured concrete the way some other ice melters can. You won't have to worry about it leaving a potentially hazardous, slick, oily residue that could also soil and damage carpets and floors. Plus, Xtreme Performance contains Potassium Chloride, an effective ice melting ingredient which is also an important nutrient for grass, trees and other vegetation.
    Key Features Benefits
    Blue colour crystals • Easy-to-see for even application every time
    • Won't stain carpets or floors
    Premium blended product • Provides synergistic action for maximum ice melting power
    • Melts ice down to -31°C/-24°F
    • Releases heat on contact
    • Creates a brine solution with long lasting resistance to refreezing
    Sodium Chloride base • Safe on properly air-entrained, cured concrete when applied as directed
    Contains Calcium Chloride • Fast acting; begins melting ice instantly
    Contains Potassium Chloride • Used as a natural fertilizer
    Superior quality graphics, selling features and bilingual packaging • Easier and faster sell-through
    Nationally distributed in package sizes from 10 kg - 20 kg • Consistent product offering
    • Readily available

    Package Size Item
    No. Pkg. per Pallet Wt. per Pallet Cubem3 Pallet Pattern UPC Code
    10 kg Poly Bag 5510 100 1,000 kg 1.21 10x10 067568551009
    20 kg Poly Bag 5520 56 1,120 kg 1.02 8x7 067568552006
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009