Anyone running and liking a 6.7 ford with 10 speed


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Hey guys, in the market for a truck for myself and I’ve brought it down to either an L5p duramax, or 6.7 with the 10 speed. I’m basically buying a new a truck as I can afford so it’s either a 19 duramax, or 2020 ford. Both are loaded trucks, I’ll focus on the ford.. but the main thing holding me back from going with the aluminum ford is the 10 speed. I hear good, and bad from people out there as far as running them as daily drivers, or towing but no real input from plow truck drivers. The truck has 40k miles on it already, and it’s gone thru all the ford updates as far as software goes that I’m aware of.
I just want some input from some guys who’ve run them with a plow and sander, and put some miles on there in the meantime. If I buy a 50/60k truck I do want it to last some time. Especially if it’s aluminum lol.

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I can't answer the 10 speed transmission question but I have experience with the 6.7 L and aluminum bed.
I had a 6.7 L in my 2015 F350 >>>> No Problems. Plowed with that engine. Plenty of power.
I has an aluminum bed in my 2017 F150 >>>> That bed took more abuse than the steel bed and held up better.

Good Luck on your choice.

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I've been working with a 2017 alumaduty since August of 2016. I love the truck. That said it's not a ten speed and not a diesel. I've owned a 6.7 and we still have one, it's a 2016. As far as the ten speed my wife's f150 with one has been great!

I have a 2021 350 on order due to be built in a couple weeks. My new truck is nearly identical to the 17 except for the 10 speed and 4:30 gears. I drove both gas engines with the ten speed and they shift great. I personally have no interest in the diesel ( not trying to start a debate on that lol) as the gas truck does the same work as our diesel.

For the price point your looking at you can order a new diesel if you're not stuck on a high trim level. I drive a stx with a bunch of options. The used market is insane right now ( one of the reasons I'm upgrading) , but new pricing is the same as it's been. If you can handle a more basic truck you could get a new full warranty truck .


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Says the guy that just bought an L5P...
And...? I've always had a couple Dirtymax's around... Plus this one is just a glorified car to run my coffee maker and haul my man buns for at least the first year or two...

On a 10 speed note I swear this thing doesn't down shift fast enough or something, not sure why it feels to me like it pulls still when coming to a stop...