Anyone plow yet with a new Chevy HD?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by JohnnyZ71, Jan 23, 2001.

  1. JohnnyZ71

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    I am looking to buy a 2001 Chevy 2500 HD with the 6.0 V8 (that 8.1 with the Allison is almost $3000, and the diesel is $6000-too rich for my blood) with the 4-speed auto. Truck will be a ext. cab with plow prep, extra battery, tanny cooler, LT package. They have one at one of the dealerships near me. It is black and it looks gorgeous. I have a 2000 Z71 ext. cab I plow with now, but I am going to have some parking lots next winter and was just seeing if anyone has one of these beasts or knows someone who does and if they are that much better than a standard 2500 with the similiar equipment package. Thanks in advance.
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    I have the same exact specs on our new 2500HD we picked it up in early December and have plowed about 7 storms with it and I really like the truck. I never had a regular Chevy pickup but I do have two Chevy 1 tons and this truck is very good plowing. We have an 8' Fisher Minute mount on it and are very happy. The truck with plow package, automatic, LT package, tranny cooler, regular cab, extra battery, bedliner, trailer tow package, and 8' snowplow was about $28,500.00. The only thing I didn't like about it was that right after we picked it up we had to bring it to a shop to have the torsion bars turned up because with the plow on it would bottom out every where. All in all very happy with the truck. Just my two cents
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    I looked at one a couple weeks ago, 8.1 engine was $600 or $ 800, not $ 3000, Allison trans was $ 2200 or somthing like that, I know a normal auto is around $ 1000. I would get the 6.0 engine, normal auto, and 4:10 gears, I'll be looking at buying soon, that probably what I'll end up with. I heard the Allisons are really slow in reverse, and the gears are real close together(lots of shifting=wear, in plowing & around town driving). I currently have a 99 K3500, with a a 454/auto, and 4:10 locker.. Truck has a 9'Fisher on it, very rarly even works to move blade, power is never a problem. I belive the 6.0 has more HP than my 454, slightly less torque though. Should be real good plow truck, definitly would get 4:10 locker again. That my take.
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    Mike, I'm sorry, I meant that the total package with Allison and 8.1 was $3000, and the diesel with the Allison was a total of $6000. That 454 sounds like an animal. Where in Rochester are you located? I am up in North Greece near Hilton. Patrick has the truck I want, but without leather. Sticker is $33,500. Has extra battery, LS package with power front seats, roof lights, all the goodies. Man these trucks are nice, but damn are they expensive!!
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    I'm in Greece near Mt Read & Stone. Look at Bob Johnson they have several 2000 2500, not the HD model, but prices were really good, but were not loaded trucks. Basil in Buffalo also has alot of truck, more than any dealer in Rochester.
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    2001HD auto, air, v8 8' Fisher in this mornings paper 29,999 one stock number listed.
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    Never plowed with one yet,but the steel company next to us just bought on (d-max with allison auto).Took it out for a drive (had nearly 3000 lbs of steel in the back) and they are very quiet and quick.The trans seems to be shifting all over the place (seems like it has about 20 gears !),every time you move the pedal a fraction of an inch,it seems to shift up or down,but all in all it works very well.Rides a 100 times better than my new 2001 Ram.One concern was it was very,very slow in reverse.Almost like a tractor.That would be a major concern if you do a lot of reversing while plowing.