Anyone plow with dial shift instead of column shifter?

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by roket77, Aug 3, 2019.

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    New Ram has dial shift on their 8 speed trans instead of column shifter. Has anyone used one for plowing? I hated to go that route with dial shifter but went that way anyways figuring i would get used to it. I liked the mechanical feel of shifting. I feel the dial will cause a slight delay which im sure i'll get used to but after 25+ years of plowing,,,i'm thinking it'll be hard to get used to. Any thoughts? Thank You for help in advance. Mark
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    It’s not a perfect comparison but some of my trucks have push button Allison transmissions and I’d never go back to a column shifter. After 30 hours of plowing I’ve found myself struggling with the column shifter and missing my gears. The push button is idiot and sleep deprivation proof.

    The other big plus is it’s much easier to keep the controller in your hand and push a button than to pull down on a shifter. I don’t know how easy the dial is but that was one of the big pluses for me with the buttons.
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    Fly by wire .
    An idea

    Get a second gear selection knob
    Then you need a harness extension For it.
    Then mount it right next to or to your plow control .
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