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Anyone looking for a Farmhand next summer?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by PabstBlueRibbon, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. PabstBlueRibbon

    PabstBlueRibbon Senior Member
    Messages: 733

    I'm looking to help out on someones farm for the second half of next summer. Its something that I have always wanted to do and now that I'll be 23 time is running out. Im willing to work for cheap. I would just love to get the experience. Also by then I will have graduated from UTI for Diesel and Industrial so I will be able to work on tractors. Please let me know If you need any help, as I am willing to travel.
  2. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 32

    What type of "farm" work experience if any do you have? Any experience with horses and cattle?
  3. PabstBlueRibbon

    PabstBlueRibbon Senior Member
    Messages: 733

    I do have the horsemanship merit badge from scouts. I am an Eagle Scout. All my experience is in the construction and machinery. I can learn anything pretty quick as I pay attention to detail.