Anyone interested in a Welding Forum?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Eric ELM, Apr 25, 2001.

  1. Eric ELM

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    I just thought I would bring this up on the snow forum since you may not go to the lawn forum or the off topic forum. We are discussing having a welding and fabrication forum and was wondering how many would be interested in this. We have some experianced welder members and some that want to learn. Anyone here interested in this?
  2. plowjockey

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    I, for one, am a stone cold amateur at this welding stuff. Oh sure I can put things together to stay and function safely but I know that I and all the others in the same boat could use the expert advice of a certified (funny how this word keeps popping up) welder to be able to bounce my questions off of.
    I would welcome this type of forum. Many of us in the plowing business have the need to make emergency repairs in the middle of an event and this type forum could make what needs to be done get done a lot more safely.

  3. Deere John

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    Asobulutely ... ! It may give you another sponsorship option too Eric.
  4. Dave1250

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    Welder form

    I would like to see a form on welding I just started putting my garage to gether for auto work . I have all types of refrigeration equiment that is being moved out to a trailer for storage . My season is just winding up hope it`s a good one . would like to buy the Miller Millermatic Vintage this summer by for now .
  5. Chuck Smith

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    I too would like to see a welding forum on LS. I'm sure our resident welder, 75, would like to have one too. I also nominate 75 as the moderator..... :)

  6. Alan

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    I'd like to see a welding forum. And I'd offer to moderate also. I've got a bunch of years in welding/fabrication in my background, sometimes I even get stuff to stay together.
  7. John DiMartino

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    I'd like to see one too.I just bought a used Hobart portable AC/DC welder-it welds very nice,Onan 18Hp runs great.
  8. plowjockey

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    I second Chuck's thought about 75 moderating and it sounds like Alan would be a good one too.

  9. GeoffD

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    I think thats a good team, bring it on.

  10. Chuck Smith

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    I think Alan would make a good second moderator myself. It takes at least 2 on LS to moderate a forum. Hopefully, the welding forum will be up soon.

    I wonder where it will appear in the list of forums? Down by the Heavy Equipment forum maybe?

  11. 75

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    Thanks for the "vote of confidence" guys - definitely a "yes" vote from me both on the subject of having a welding forum AND having Alan moderating. I'm willing to help moderate too - I'm hoping to see the new forum "online" soon. Although I do make a living in the welding field, there are aspects of it (such as heliarc) that I don't have experience with - so I'm looking forward to learning from everybody as well as hopefully being able to answer some of the questions that come up.
  12. Chuck Smith

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    from NJ
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    We now have a Welding Forum! In the Truck category.